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Test e and oral winniy

I’m looking to bulk up but not to the point where I’m huge, can I do less for a longer period of time? Would that help me not bulk as much I would like to gain -10 lbs. I am tracking half a shot of test 250 once a week for 16 weeks, 10-16 winny ? Not sure how much to use an how often. Should I do a post cycle I keep seeing Pct comments an I would like to keep what I can…, thanks Mike G I’m 6’1 185 3-5 body fat

  1. There is a forum section completely dedicated to steroids and this is not it.
  2. Your 6’1" and 185lbs you need to eat and lift more.
  3. Just for shits and giggles what is your age, maxes and diet
  4. You have done absolutely 0 research and that is not going to go over well here. We do not spoon feed people here espeacially on this topic.

one for the bloopers thread

Sooooo your taking 125mg of test a week for 16 weeks?

That’s not gonna give you shit.

Haha wow just wow