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Test E and Libido

I’m in week 4 of 500mg test e/week. I’m also on my last day of dbol (40mg/day). I have noticed libido is the same as normal. Not raised, not decreased…I know it should be increasing…
What could be the deal?..

Should I:

  1. add arimadex EOD?
  2. add proviron 25mg 2x per day?
  3. bump test up to maybe 700mg/week?
  4. some combo of these?..

Thanks in advance…

you on an AI?

nothing right now…Just have arimadex on hand and proviron…

should I do arimadex EOD or proviron 2x per day?..I’m not having any other estrogen related side effects…

I’d say bump test, especially if you have a few cycles under your belt. On my current cycle, my libido didn’t really kick in till around week 5-6, when I bumped up to 1000mg. It kicked in even more a few weeks back when I bumped up to 1250.

you should not buy fake gear. thatll solve the problem.

Done…I’ll bump up my gear to 750…and take proviron 2x per day…see what happens…

thanks guys!..

I like taking tribulus during and after cycles at a fairly high dose. It keeps my libido high, but makes me extremely irritable. My nuts are swollen, my face is dripping grease, and I want to bang every chick’s ass that I see on the street, after beating up their chump-ass boyfriend first.

Strange because I’m starting week 5 of 250mg/ml 2x per week of test e. I finished 40mg/day of dbol last week and am currently taking proviron 2x per day along with my test e…

I definitely notice strength increases and I’m holding a bit more water. Nothing else! I know that I should be feeling a libido increase but I don’t feel that at all. I’m not more or less horny?..
I know my stuff can’t be fake because I’m stronger, gaining, and a bit bloated (starting 2 days ago). I have no other estrogen sides at all.
I also have arimadex on hand if I need it, but I figure with proviron I should be okay and I don’t have itchy or sensative nipples in any way…

I want that, “screw every girl” feeling that everyone seems to talk about, but I have not yet felt?..What could be the deal here?..

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
you should not buy fake gear. thatll solve the problem. [/quote]

God Bonez, you never post anything worthwhile. You’re just a dick. Not helping anything, blah blah blah…have I hit all the key hypocrite points yet?