Test E and Libido

Hey guys!..

I’m in week 4 of a 10 week cycle of test e. I’m taking 500mg per week and am also using 40mg/day of dbol for 4 weeks…I’m in my last week of dbol now…

I have 2 questions:

  1. my testicles have gotten really small, is it normal to be this way for the duration of the cycle? Most people say they should only be slightly smaller, but mine are a bit more than slightly I’d say…

  2. My libido hasn’t increased yet. I mean, it’s not better or worse than before but I haven’t noticed that real increase…when should I feel that?..

Thanks in advance!..

You should have some type of HCG to hand before you started. Read above thread.

  1. Yes

  2. Not sure about that one. But if you didn’t frontload the test than it would take almost 4 weeks to kick in…

[quote]Kazv1 wrote:

You should have some type of HCG to hand before you started. Read above thread.[/quote]

False. Worthless post is worthless.

OP, you don’t NEED HCG on cycle, but it’s certainly a good idea for a few reasons… one of them being that it reduces testicular atrophy.

Regarding your libido, I would say week 4 of 500mg/wk of test E should have raised your libido noticeably. If you’re using Dbol, too, and no AI (no mention of it), your problem could be estrogen related.

Are you showing signs of high estrogen? One of the sides of high E will be a loss of libido.

Agree with above. If you have any signs of high estrogen either add an AI, or bump the dose a little and see how that works.

Great!..Thanks guys!..

I have an AI on hand (arimadex) but am not taking it because I haven’t noticed any bad side effects. My libido is NOT better or worse. It’s basically the same as normal…
dBOL ends tomorrow, so I’ll just be on test e…

Should I:

a. take arimadex EOD?
b. take proviron 25mg 2x per day
c. bump my dose of 1cc of test e 2x per week to maybe 1.5 cc’s?..

dude wtf are you not using the AI? Obviously you got estrogen stress.

Also arimadex takes time to build up in your system right…? you better hurry up and get some nolvadex…

  1. The boys might only get a bit smaller, or they might disappear completely. They might do both thought the week. Unless you make a living showing off your balls then I wouldn’t worry about it.

  2. Not everybody has their libido go up to 11 on 500mg a week. If you are getting stronger/recovering better then don’t worry. Although, I bet running an AI would still help things out.

[quote]X3nospire wrote:
Also arimadex takes time to build up in your system right…? you better hurry up and get some nolvadex…[/quote]

Not really…but its effects do. Remember that AI’s have no effect on estrogen already in your system, the only reduce the amount of new estrogen being converted. Your body still has to eliminate the existing estrogen on its own, and that takes time.

A SERM, by contrast, actually blocks the receptors so that circulating estrogen has nothing to bind to.

OP, it’s best to take the AI from the beginning to prevent E2 issues.

HCG will take care of your atrophy, if it’s bothering you. Otherwise, the boys will rebound fine after you recover. I think HCG is a “nice” thing to have on cycle but not essential. The best effect is that it keeps some of your natural production going, which makes PCT a breeze.

How have your gains been in strength and size? i’m 2.5 weeks into same cycle, although i front loaded the test first week. Seen a good increase in strength already.