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Test E and Dianabol for 6 Weeks


hello im 1.70cm 72 kg 10 years training and im planing to do my first cycle any advice its welcome ..i dont want to run a longer cycle and i dont have test prop..my cycle is :

1-4 danabol ds 30mg ed
1-6 testoviron 250mg x2 ew
1-6 proviron 50mg ed
1-8 arimidex 0.50 eod
pct only
8-10 nolvadex 40/40
10-12 clomid 100/50

i dont want to run hcg cause is a short cycle
and i also dont want to overkill with my pct
i know that test e its going to star 4-5 week after all but im ok with some good gains


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sorry to answer a question with a question, but why not take the traditional reccomendation of a TEST E only for first cycle, and maybe run it for a couple more weeks..maybe 8. WOuld be good to see how your body reacts, then when your done, wait 8 weeks and run something a little more advanced?


if i run like you said ..what are you recomend ?its ok use proviron during all test e cycle and arimidex eod and then just nolva for pct its enought?hcg for 8 weeks do i need it?