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Test E and Decca Help?


I am getting ready to run my next cycle. I was planning on running just Test E and 500mg a week maybe push it to 750 depending on how i feel. My friend said i should run Decca with it as well. i told him that decca can lower ur libido and you need to run winstrol with it. He said that if you double the amount of test over the amount of decca and stop the decca before the last two weeks i will be ok. example for clarification purposes 1000mg of test week with 500mg of decca a week. test is doubled. Can someone help me out with this. i have never run decca before either so i would like some feedback on it.


Dont listen to your friend.

Your thoughts about winstrol and nadrolone are not correct.

Do a search on this site. Your questions have been answered many times.


yeah i thought he was wrong. decca and winstrol are new to me therefore i was trying to recall what ive read about them before. i think im just going to run another 12weeks of test e. i ran it before i made some good gains and i can get i everything i need to run with it. thanks for everything