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Test E and Deca. Need Advice

Hi everybody,
Hope you’re all doing good. I want to start my third bulking cycle. Previous 2 cycles were just Test (C & E) I want to add another compound to my third cycle this time. My question is, is it okay to add Deca with Test E? Or if you guys can suggest something else? Is it okay just to stick with Test E and some oral? Or go with Deca? I’m scared after reading all the ‘Deca Dick’ stories and topics. I also understand that this is an individual thing, and also depends on the dosages. Yet, I’m posting this topic so that I can get help from more experienced users.

Weight: 159lbs
BF %: 14~
I’ve been training since past 5+ years.

Cycle that I’ve been planning,
Test E-500mg/Week for 12 weeks,
Deca-250mg/Week for 12 weeks.
I have AI and Caber in hand.

Week 15 & 16,
HCG at 1000IU E2Days
Nolva at 40mg ED.
Week 17 &18,
Nolva at 20mg ED.

Your inputs are welcome.
Thank you.

Whether or not you want to roll the dice with Deca is a personal choice. Its a great compound other than the ED risks. I don’t think you would find a better replacement for bulking but if you wanted you could do Test / Dbol instead. EQ is another fairly side free compound but I didn’t get much out of it even though I know others have responded well.

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This is the only reason I wanted to opt for Deca instead of any other compound. But then again, deca dick scares the dick out of me (no pun intended.) EQ should be great too, but EQ cycles are longer than usual and I do not want to extend my cycle for more than 12 weeks. I will wait for few more inputs. Dbol/Anadrol might be an option too… Thanx for the reply.

I would add Dbol before Deca. I haven’t used either (just Test and Var). Dbol has effects on liver, so I wouldn’t run it for your whole cycle. Dbol can put on a ton of weight (with a bunch being water).

For me, I will only run compounds that are dick and libido friendly. Unfortunately, that means Var is only a one time thing (no ED, but libido was down, and I just did not get much out of it).

I would run HCG weeks 13, 14 and 15 at 500 IU EOD,
Nolva 40, 40, 20, 20 starting at week 16.

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I agree with the water retention on DBol and it’s liver toxicity. I’ll just go with Test E and Deca. Will keep you guys update on the same thread if I face any negatives.

Any reason, why you’d run HCG before the test clears out of the system? Is it because of Deca shutting down test production?

So HCG is an LH mimic hormone. So you don’t want to run it during PCT. LH stimulates the testicles, and get them producing (so does exogenous HCG). You could use on cycle, but will increase E2, which can complicate things.

When you run a cycle you become hypogonadal in a primary sense, which is your balls shrink and don’t produce much of anything, and in a secondary sense that the pituitary gland stops signaling testosterone and sperm production by lowering LH and FSH to essentially 0. HCG can counter the primary hypogonadism, by getting the balls up and running (and plumping them up). After you get them back up to size and producing, you stop the HCG, and introduce Nolva to get the pituitary up and producing LH and FSH. The reason you stop the HCG before Nolva is that a male body can’t tell the difference between HCG and LH (as far as we can tell), and the body will think LH is already high, and will not try to increase it as much even with Nolva.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation kind Sir :slight_smile:

Why deca at 250. pretty pointless might as well run 400, or not run Deca at all and just up the Test.

If you are prone to deca dick you will get it on 200,100 or 500 doesnt matter I think.

If you’re that scared about it, I would stick with an Oral, you get just as much gains with Test 500 and some anadrol or dbol 50, than you would with 250 deca.

I didn’t get Deca Dick, even at 500MG for 13 weeks, Even after quitting no Dick issues. I do get Limp Dick on Tren, I’ve gotten limp Dick on various compounds so It various imo.

But if you read the horror stories on this forum apparantly there’s plenty of guys who get Deca Dick, even at lower dosages, it’s different for everyone I guess.

I’m aware of the same. Hope I do not have those issues. Fingers crossed.

I’ve already started pinning Test E and Deca, I’ve made up my mind to go for Deca, instead of any other orals, just my personal preference. And as far as the dosages of Deca at 250mg, I think it’s a pretty good dosage to start for someone who has never used the compound. And deca is known for steady but solid gains throughout. I stay away from orals just because they are more liver toxic than injections.

Thanx for your input.

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You kind of have to pick your poison here man. I understand your concern with orals being liver toxic, but unless you have any predisposed issues that we don’t know about, Dbol is probably the safest bet. Well at least this is my opinion.
I’m not sure about how effective they are, but I personally take liver aids when taking orals - I always get bloods and other tests done after PCT and everything always comes back clear. This is why you only take dbol for 4-5 weeks.
Just please consider AND be aware that by going down the deca route you are putting yourself at risk of ED issues. There are guys on here who have taken months/years to recover and I’m not sure if it was worth the risk. There are even some who have successfully ran 2-3 cycles without problems and then for some reason the 4th is what flips the switch and they battle with ED for a very long time.

I totally understand what you’re trying to say here. I’ve already taken a shot of Deca with Test. Guess there is no going back now. Thank you for the concern tho. I’ll be following the aforementioned PCT protocol mentioned by @mnben87 and just hoping things to be fine, and I don’t end up in any horrible situation. Either ways, will keep you guys updated thru this thread.

Well I like Deca myself, I was only saying that to avoid bashing from members who are extremely cautious about Deca D*ck.

I myself have been using Deca with amazing results and no issues or sides hehe.

I’ve had the dreaded consequences of Deca Dick. Not pleasant and long lasting. I would say we are in the far minority though. Its prevalent enough to see plenty of posts about it but I wouldn’t even dare say what percentage. Probably low.

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