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Test E and Deca Cycle Help


Hey guys, just had some questions about a Test and Deca cycle. Tried researching it, but conflicting responses have led me to make my own thread for help. I've been told by a friend that when running Test and Deca, it is best to run 3:1 or even 3.5:1 ratio of test to Deca. Therefore if I wanted to do the "minimum amount" of 400mg Deca ew, I'd need at least 1200mg of Test E ew divided into two doses of 600. This is my second cycle, my first was Test E 500 only of 16 weeks.

So my basic questions are, is this true about the Test:Deca ratio as I've read many Test 700 + Deca 400 cycles with no libido issues reported. Also what would be an ideal way to break the cycle down? I was told to do 16-22 weeks, how would I pyramid up to the peak dose and taper off? Also is anything else needed as well? PCT is Nolva, Clomid and HCG during cycle?

I'm 27 years old, 5'6", 200-205 lbs at 15% bf, training for 5 years. Looking to blow up a bit and get stronger more than anything. Thanks for any help or criticism or anything! If any more info is required let me know


Im running 750 test/400 deca. Running the test for 14 weeks and eca for 12. Definately need an ai like aromasin and some caber on hand. As for pct i like nolvadex or aromasin but everybody reacts diffetently


Thanks for the reply. Any sides at all like low libido or ED?



Thanks KSman, learned some useful stuff about PCT. Any comment on the Deca:Test ratio having any minimums? I am mainly looking for the recovery benefits of Deca more so than chasing size, but I’m not adverse to it


Im only on the 1st week…


I don’t know about the ratio. But I had one young TRT guy who got gear from a friend and did a <> with no PCT and he was screwed. Sent him to the best doc I know and restarts failed. He is on TRT for life now. So I can say that that ratio is dangerous to some.

Back then we could do PM’s and I worked with him one-on-one for a while.


Oh wow KSman that’s crazy! I’ve read deca shuts you down hard, and I’m trying to avoid TRT for life. I don’t mind the regular pinning, but not sure if I want to literally pin every two days or every week literally for the rest of my life. I do plan to keep anabolics apart of my life for the rest of it though. It’s clear test is needed along side deca, I’m just trying to find a guideline or approx ratio. Most of what I read isn’t even 2x the amount of test to deca. And I’m worried about excess Test use when it’s not needed for the minimum deca dose