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Test-E and Dbol


Hey guys 32 year old 168 lbs 5'10 working out about 5 years. Looking to start my first cycle soon.... Kinda looks like this.

Test E 500mg/ W ( 2x 250 mg) w1-10
Dbol 30 mg/ D (w1-4)
Arimidex .5 mg x 2/w (w1-12)

Any suggestions or tweaks I need to make this will be my first. Thanks


GTG mate - what are your goals with the cycle training wise?


Procreation plans post cycle? Consider Hcg. Not sure about your PCT, sure someone else will weigh in. Read through the threads, bunch of other first cycles just like this one.


I was to looking to put on some size. I also want to get stronger in bench, squat and deadlift. I also have a question about HCG should I be running this aswell?


It seems to be very popular on certain boards and obviously has strong links/evidence in helping recover quickly from cycles, its a personal decision and everyone is always quick to jump in and say "you should be running HCG!". Worth looking into if being responsible and considering.

Sure you'll do well, keep track of food intake and get that right so you take advantage of the cycle! It's always a good idea to focus on strength progression when muscle gain is your goal so I would definitely be pushing hard in the gym as always!


My PCT look solid? I will be picking up extra nova for cycle just in case of "gyno". Insight into recovery coming off a cycle this mild?

cheers mate!


Its pretty standard mate yes, if you keep estro in check with AI you should be fine re gyno too.

Everyone is different and some find it harder than others - my advice is always make sure you do your research, be as safe as possible and take the precautions you can and then worry less :slight_smile:


woo a new person with a good physique!

Care to start a thread and tell us a little about yourself? Start it in the pharma section so we can discuss the dark side


I've put one in the "training logs" section if you get time to check it out, but I will happily discuss all topics!


I'll check it out, mate. Welcome to the board!


For your post cycle I would go with one SERM only. No need for both. Nolva at 40/20/20/20/10 or clomid 50/50/50/50/25
Also HCG would be useful during cycle.

Also may need to bump up Adex to more than 2x week. Start with .25 EOD and bump to .5 EOD if needed. I have to keep a good eye on my estrogen when running DBOL personally.

Last but not least taper your Adex during PCT.


Ditto Ross.

-HCG @ 250iu 3x Per week.
-0.25-0.5mg Adex Eod
-One SERM for PCT 6-8 Weeks


also the dbol will be oral. is one SERM superior to the other?


HCG at 250iu 3x per week for how long?


From week 1 all the way through till
a few days/week before PCT.


any sugg on whom to use? i want to enjoy this :grinning:


so..updated cycle looks like

Test E 500mg/ week ( 2x 250 mg) w1-10
Dbol 30 mg/ day (w1-4)
Arimidex .25-.5 EOD (w1-10)
HCG @250iu 3x per week (1-12)


I can not see to get my hands on any HCG will I be doomed?


One last question fellas. I will be picking up HCG 5000 IU in 1 amp. + 1ml amp of water solution how would this be enough for the cycle? I kinda have a Idea on how to mix it. Thanks!


Youtube will show you how to mix HcG.