Test E and DBol

Alright giys check this one out and critique it up…

23 years old
5% Bodyfat(about 8% genetics)
2nd cycle

Cycle looks like this:
Week 1-4(dbol 25 to 50mg ED)
Week 1-10(Test E 400mg per week; 200mg injection every 4 days)
Week 3-12(Liquidex .25mg eod or increased as needed)
Week 12-16(Toremiphene 60/60/60/60)

*milk thistle ED along with the dbol
*lean diet( 150grams protein,fruits,veges,whole grains,4000 calories a day roughly,lean meats and most of all high WATER intake.

Going with luquidex for AI and Toremiphene for pct because my guy cannot get anything besides clomid…sucks but I got another source which I’ve read and hear good things about. Would like any opinions on the torem and liquidex…haven’t used eather. Was going to get clomid but IMO torem sounds and seems great.

Thanks boys.

150 grams of protein is not enough not even close. You should be getting close to 350 grams a day. some people like to say atleast 1.5 X bodyweight. I would rather aim for double. This is pretty comon knoledge and needs to be adressed before u cycle. You need protein if you want to grow.

Are you trying to get bigger or cut?

Explain how you will get 4000 calories with only 600 calories coming from protein.

And what makes you think a diet consisting 15% of protein is in any way appropriate for a steroid user. (When the ability to use protein for muscle growth is extremely high)

Way too much dbol too IMO.

Ok guys thanks for the feedback because these things need to be addressed. The protein is under what it should be hbecause I forgot to add in my shakes which I have 2 so there’s about 80 grams there combined and the calories at 4000 isn’t probably what I get daily. I’m probably more around 2500 but I would like to get to 4000 which is not very easy iin one day unless your eating garbage. I will be geting 200 to 300 grams of protein per day and my dbol will probably not not go past 25 mg Ed. Where did the 15% of protein come from? Not being a wise ass just curiuous how you got 15%

Thanks for the feedback guys keep it comin…makes me smarter

600 is 15% of 4000.

Youre not going to be able to go from 2500 calories a day to 4000.

Its not a good idea in teh firs tplace. And wont work, unless youre used to eating 4000 calories, and 2500 was just an extreme low for a brief time period.

You should be eating more than 2500 calories if you want to gain weight. Steroids or not.

Ok mann I need to get that situated first before anything…shouldn’t have these basic things to correct by now…I had 3000 calories and then I began eating less around 2500 calories. Shouldn’t have fell off the high calorie diet but its still good food…just not as much

cycle looks fine I"d add hcg though also mg dbol is pretty high though

also highly doubt your 5% bodyfat also protein intake is way too low

I have striations in every muscle in my body, chest shoulder, tricepts…with no gear just natural…had a nutritionist eye it without calipers and he says from what he sees its about 5 to 6%…I just need more size. Protein will be upped to 250 give or take hopefully 300…the dbol won’t go more than 25mg ed it wasn’t smart to even think about the 50mg dosage around week 3 or 4…just gonna do 25mg ed for 4 weeks…maybe 3.

picture then?

50mg of dbol isn’t that crazy…I’m taking 60mg right now. The side effects suck, but the strength gains are insane and it’s only for 4 weeks.

you would prob get similar effect with less without risk of any bad sides though

some dbol is weaker then others though so my experience could be different then yours

Ihave 50mg tabs of the dbol

ya I’m takin half of the 50mg tabs…ill get a picture up I jusrt gotta take the time to figure out how to load it

[quote]overstand wrote:
50mg of dbol isn’t that crazy…I’m taking 60mg right now. The side effects suck, but the strength gains are insane and it’s only for 4 weeks.

Its not crazy. Just excessive. No one said it was crazy. Crazy is a rare word to use when it comes to drugs that arent really that dangerous.

Id say 25mg dbol starting is a good start. next time maybe try 40-50mg. Ive learned with my body, 40-50mg preWO only is bomb, alot use it split up throughout the day but I feel it gives me a weak effect split in such small doses.
Seeing you have 50mg tabs dose this mean you will pop it once per day?

IMHO milk thistle is shit. Waist of money and time. Instead pick up some NAC and ALA. Far more superior.

Make sure to drink easy 1.5 gallons of water ed.

Personaly clomid works well at doses as low as 50mg ed for 4-5wks. Everyones different I dont see much difference as long as you get legit pct drugs, serm’s, and run a proper dose.

Not crazy just not the best choice esp because I’m running the test as well…I was going to run the clomid daja but have heard have heard better things about toremiphene so I’m gonna give that a shot. As for the milk thistle ill check out the other stuff. Where would I get that?

Anyone can help me on aromisin dosage for this cycle? Not famililair with it as much as adex

My leg where I injected is sore as hell…little swollen and alil red around the injection area…like a 4 inch diameter…not really red just alil bit of a shade…all good right? Its my first injection so I knew it would be sore just making sure…I pinned on Tuesday night and it was sore directly after not all of a sudden