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Test E and Dbol


im doing a 16week contest cycle and for the first 8 im doing test e and dbol. im doing 250 of enanthate 3x week. and only 20mg of dbol for first 4weeks. im switching to cyp after for my final 8 weeks. with some var.

week1-8 750 test e. 20mg of dbol ed
week8-16 750 test cyp
week 12-16 40mg of var

i have my pct set but this is for a contest and im doing things a bit different. Im not taking prop and im not taking a lot of stuff.
there will be 8weeks when im not taking anything but test. is that bad? i have always stacked everything and never took anything by itself.


I can't think of a single reason why anyone would switch from enanthate to cypionate other than because of availablilty.

I dont have any experience with contest prep but I dont see how it will be possible to look your best without using an AI to control some of the bloat from the test.

Overall I think improvements can be made but you didn't give us much to work with as far as cycle history, age, stats etc. so it's hard to give good feedback


im going to running nolva my last 3 weeks. i was told if i dry out right then i wont be holding that much water at the end. I hated the prop and thats why i was going to switch to cyp. I didnt want to run the same test straight for 14 or 16 weeks. Can i?


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Cyp and enanth are about 90% the same...

Also, if you're gonna use dbol, up the dose to 30 mg and put in an AI so you're not all bloated up. (I've pulled this mistake off myself)


Nolvadex wont do anything for water retention. Or did you mean you would be off the Test and were going to use nolvadex as PCT? If it a non-tested competition (which I assume it is) you are going to be at a disadvantage going in on nothing at all or just test without an AI.

Why are you choosing to go into the contest on test cyp and not one of the more popular drugs like masteron or tren or winstrol?


I would not suggest going into a contest on Test Cyp because you will most likely carry some water.

Why not run a 12 week cycle and add in a few more compounds...something as easy as this:

w1-9 Test E
w1-6 Dbol
w1-12 Masteron E
w8-12 Anavar

This would give you the size part of things I assume you are looking for in the beginning and then allow you to drop the test a few weeks out from the show and go into the show on mast/var which will illicit a dryer look than test/var.

I'd also use adex through the cycle and a proper diuretic pre-contest. Proviron probably wouldn't hurt as well...

I'm a fan of halotestin/masteron for pre contest drugs. You can look into those...I have yet to use var, but it sounds like something I might like.

Good luck and is this your first show? Cycle history, age, stats,etc will be helpful as Bonez said.


to be honest i wanted to finish off my cyle with tren and var.But i was told that it would be too much.Im 34 and ive been doing gear for about 3 years. Nothing major and just 2cycles a year.So, it wont affect me as if i were 22.

my plan was to do the enanthate for 12 weeks. kick start with dbol. and switch to tren from 13-16. i was going to run 0.5 arimidex the last 8 weeks

Thats what I wanted to do. But was told no.


By whom? A doctor? Friend?


I wouldn't go into the show on Tren either as the progesterone/prolactin causes minor water retention in some. Also going into a show on tren/var for 4+ weeks might leave you limp.

Halotestin/winny/var/masteron/primo, etc would be the only drugs I would enter a contest on.

Test Prop would be ran before then and I found with my body I could possibly run test up to a show because I don't seem to bloat to bad with responsible use of AI's. But that is me and 90% of the people I know would never run test to a show.

You should run your adex from the beginning since your running test/dbol (both highly aromatize) and you can bump the dose closer to a show to make sure your E levels are down and you have less h20 retention.


the person who said no is a person who comes across as knowing something. maybe i was wrong


dood your sure not giving us much to help you with here man...

if you don't know anything then a lot of people come across as knowing something...if you are knowledgable yourself then this post might make sense.

It seems you have come on here asking for somebody to tell you 'go for it, run test to the show' we have given other advice and you seem to chose to not listen.

Good luck.




what are you talking about dude?


Your original question was "if it is bad to run test only going into the show"

So far the (limited) concensus has been that, yes it possible to go into the show on test only, but it probably isn't optimal.

You started to elaborate on the other options you've considered but have given no reasons why you aren't going that route, so it becomes difficult to give solid advice or even just an opinion when we don't know much about your situation.

Saying you were told certain drugs would be too much by "some guy" without telling us anything else is simply a lazy response. You also seem to be ignoring certain posts (not my own)that appear to be pretty helpful, at least from my point of view. You get what you give.


the only thing i can say is that he works with a few people and he isnt a friend or a doctor. I thought that he knew a few things about stuff b/c people in NY say that he does.

Also i have been blatantly honest about telling you what im taking and why. so not answering what questions? and its hard to go thru this and watch the eagles at the same time. im just trying to get suggestions


Why is tren and var too much for you? Why were you told "no" for your desired cycle? Did you get any reasons? What does "too much" mean? Too many drugs, too high a dosage?


he said tren and var is too much on my system


im keeping everything pretty low. so it has nothing to do with the dosage. he said that the two in the same cycle would not be good for my system


Im giving up on this one. Sorry man.