Test E and Dbol Question

I’m currently 2.5 out of 10 weeks through my first cycle of test e at 600mg per week. I finally got my hands on some dbol and was wandering if it’s too late to run it for 3-4 weeks as a somewhat of a kickstart? Or would it be a waste ?


Na man, you can run your orals anytime you want. The kickstart is recommended because it gets you gaining straight away, but you’d actually get a better effect out of your orals if you waited til like week 6 when your test levels have peaked.

That’s why I usually run an oral at the start and the end of a cycle, with a couple of weeks off in between.

Dbol to kickstart, var to sexy myself up at the end.

Okay cool. I’m going to run 30mg weeks 4-7or8. Also think I’m going to start 0.25mg adex eod till week. Sound good?

On another note, I have clomid for pct but im curious if you think that will suffice or should I take clomid and Nolva for 4 weeks of pct or would that be overkill?

yeah, definitely run your AI. You should be doing that already.

Clomid for PCT is fine, you can add the nolva if you want but the clomid will work on its own. There’s a bit of debate as to which SERM is best. I personally fall into the clomid camp.

Agree with the whole Nolva/Clomid debate therefore I’ve always been one to run both to play it safe.

Yea I would definitely run the Dbol wks4-8. You’ll see some nice gains, better than you would have if you ran it off the start. Also don’t be afraid of running it longer if you have the means and proper support (liv52) to use after.

Run your AI from beginning to start here on out man. Will make your cycle much more comfortable. Good luck.