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Test E and Dbol Cycle

First planned Cycle.

I’m 5’11, 205lbs, would guess BF% to be around 13/14.

(Side note: Planning to have kids one day, but not for a long while. Getting a blood test next week before i cycle to find out free/total test level)

Anyway, now onto the cycle!

1-8: Test E 500mg/week (250 twice)
1-3 Dbol 30mg/day

1-10: HCG 750mg/week (250 3 times)
1-10 Armidex (Unsure on amount!? conflicting opinions online, between 0.25-1mg EOD)


10-14: Armidex 0.5mg/day
10-14: Clomid 100mg/day first week, 75mg/day last 3 weeks
10-14: Nolva 40mg/day first week, 20mg/day last 3 weeks


  1. Does this all look okay? Have I missed anything?

  2. Looking to take something to protect my Liver due to orals, Undecided between Liv52 and TUDCA? (Please could someone let me know which is better, how much to take and if to run just for first 3 weeks or continue after i stop taking Dbol)

  3. How much Armidex during cycle? (0.25/0.5/1mg EOD?)

  4. Should the Dbol be split throughout the day? Aka 10mg 3 times per day

Thanks in advance,

BUMP! (If anyone could answer my questions I’d be very grateful)


Do a little more reading through out these topics. This is an extremely common first cycle and right now the PCT looks jacked up.

8 weeks seems short for a Test E cycle too… From what I’ve seen

Bill Roberts reccomends an 8 week cycle and I see why. Diminishing returns after that in my experience and you can fit more cycles in per year at 8 weeks because of the obvious shorter cycle but less time off too. Adex is usually started at 0.5 EOD and adjusted from there.

PCT should be more like 6-8 weeks of Nolva @20mg. You just made it a little complicated. Some people swear by tapering adex through PCT, I don’t have experience with that so maybe someone who uses adex can help.

PCT is shit. Drop doses substantially, only run Clomid OR nolva. Never run them together. Prefer that you do nolva at 20/day for 6ish weeks. Taper dose at end if possible.

Adex should probably be .25/EOD, but bloodwork mid-cycle can tell you whether or not this needs to be adjusted. Keep E2 around 22 if possible.

No liver protection is necessary. This is a very week cycle. Liv52 is not useful for combating liver problems from steroids anyway, so definitely don’t use that. Tudca may be mildly useful.

If 30mg of dbol is able to destroy your liver then your liver’s a pussy.


Looks fine. Do nolva as stated in the posts above.

Cheers for all the replies guys. Will make the changes needed to PCT, think I’ve made it a bit too high because first cycle and a bit paranoid about fucking my hormone levels up.

My only other question is about the HCG, is it required when running test? From what I can tell the idea of it is to keep hormone levels in check when on cycle, but if I’m just cycling test for the most part is it just a waste of money? Cheers.