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Test E and Dbol Cycle Advice?


Basically ive been weght lifting for over four years and have gained strength and size very well in that time i mean my max 1 rep on a free bench press is 140KG which i think is damn good. however out of those 4 years i neglected my legs pretty badly and now look a little top heavy lol either way i have been training them hard for the last 15months once a week like all my other muscle group workout days and have gained just about nothing in size it really pissed me off seeing as ive been in agony from the legs sessions for about 4 days a week every week for well over a year and for almost no noticible gains in size only a little bit bit in strenght.

so I have decided to do what I hope is a begginer cycle of "Test ethanate and dianabol" I am new to using these substances but have been looking into it for a few years so i am familiar with steroid terms. I have a trusted source for all the gear including surringes and pct.
so can anyone advise me on how to safely run such a cycle
Thanks Joe


Read Beginner's thread, it's stickied.


Weeks 1-12
Test E 500mg a week pinned twice (once on monday and once on Thursday)

weeks 1-4 (or 1-6)
Dbol 30-50mg ED

Weeks 1-12 (consider tapering into pct)
Adex .5mg Every other day

2 weeks after last shot Nolva 40/40/20/20

there is your basic newbie cycle.


Tapering what? Test E? You suggest to keep pinning test E up until PCT starts, but at decreasing doses?


If your legs are small(ish) and arent growing now. Its foolish to believe that steroids will create positive, lasting effects.

Fix your training or diet. Add more volume or more frequency. Or maybe use different exercises.

Post your leg routine. Detailed.


taper adex into pct..


got ya.. reread your post. thought you were saying something stupid.