Test E and Anavar Cycle

going to start a cycle in a week of 400mg test per week and 2 x anavar tabs per day. 50mg i believe. Going to eat bulky as possible, probably 250g of fat and 4400+ cals a day. i had ran a winstrol cycle about a year ago, then a test 400 cyce about 6 months ago. I recently began school and didnt have much time to go to the gym. so ive been away from it for about 5 months or so.

Just wondering what everyone thinks about how long i should start working out again before starting this cycle… i personally figured going until i dont get crazy sore again atleast…what are your thoughts. Thanks guy

I usually go with at least as long as the break was. But you wanna bulk right? So why use Anavar? Its not a bulking drug but its better for cutting and gaining strength.

O and why so much fat? 250g? 120 is enough man. You will retain a lot of that fat after the cycle and a lot of fat can decrease your bodys ability to build muscle.


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i loled.

dont bulk with var.
If you want size then bump the test up 100mgs a week and run dbol for weeks 1-4.

but if you haven’t been to the gym in a while and doing know what the bulking orals are then you shouldn’t be near AAS.
Just eat all day through school and hit the gym 6 days a week, lift heavy and sleep before doing another cycle.
the AAS wont help if you don’t know what your taking and just starting training again thats the honest truth.

I’m not bulking for a comp or anything lol just wanna get some size and cut

you need to rethink your plan

no i dont? if you take test and anavar which so many ppl do youll get size and cut.

you can bulk with var, just need to run it pretty high. I would run it at 100mg a day. Pricey, but nicey

4 weeks into Test with 60 mg Var Daily… wish I would’ve ran it higher as I probably could have put on a little more size. May even bump it up to 80 the next couple weeks.

I’m just saying you can do it of course but it’s not practical, price, youve been away from the gym for months so had to lose size, thats why I’m saying a bulker type oral would be better for you.

No thats mot me but my good friend Jaroslav Horvath. A slovak pro. Im not as big and not half as vascular or cut