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Test E and Anavar Cycle. High Pulse? Diuretic?

Cycle started 10 days ago

Test E - 250mg 2x/Week Plan is 12 weeks
Anavar - 20mg - Pre workout. 8 weeks
Armidex .25mg Every third day.

I have slight high blood pressure that is controlled by medicine even before the cycle. My blood pressure has increased slightly from 130/75ish. to 140-150/ 75-85ish. That is probably my body adjusting to the increase in androgens and I will monitor it 3x/day.

However, my pulse has went from resting at 60-70 pre-cycle to 85 -100 today.

Do you think an over the counter diuretic (caffeine free) would help lower my pulse if Im holding water and causing an increase in pulse?

If I can’t get this lower, should I throw in the towel? This is my second cycle and I don’t recall my pulse being this high last time but I kind of forgot…


Are you bloated enough to surmise that the problem is from water retention?

I guess not super bloated. I feel a little full in the stomach but not anything terrible.

I think it could be anxiety as well. Since when I check my blood pressure I tend to worry that it will be high. and when the pulse is high I can feel the rush of anxiety over my body… which just further increases it.

My blood pressure at the doc office is significantly higher than it is taken at home and I’m not an anxious person.