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Test E-Anavar

I’m in my 10th week of test E 500mg a week. Been eating great, lifting hard, and gains are pretty good.
I’ve also run exemestane at 12.g mg daily.

The reason I am posting is because it has been suggested to me to run Var at the end of my test cycle to harden up, and to help solidify my gains. Now for the questions.

I am running the test for 16 weeks due to the fact that I did not front-load it or kickstart with an oral.
Could I run the Var weeks 12-16 at 40mg daily, wait 10 days and start clomid. Or should I finish the test first, then bridge with the Var into my pct?

This is the first time I have used an oral, and I am just looking for some pointers, so I don’t do myself more harm than good.

Thanks ahead of time for any feedback. Great forum, with some obviously educated people on here.

I’d run the anavar for 6 weeks, so week 13 right up to PCT which should be 14 days after your last pin. 40mg might be a bit low but probably a good starting point.

Thanks for the input smalsh. I think I’ll try the var at 40 since this is the first time I’ve used it. Maybe go up to 60 the next time.