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Test E + Anavar/Winstrol

Hi, everyone.
I am going to do my first cycle. I going to take test ethanate 250mg every week for 10 weeks. On Week 7 and 8 i am going to take 30mg ed winstrol . On week 9 and 10 anavar 20mg. For pct week 12-16 i will take clomid ed 50/50/25/25.

Please dont say the dose is too low, waste of money. I want to know if i should take winstrol before anavar . My goals is to get some muscle and get ripped vascular. And also should i take arimidex or use it if i get side effects like puffy nipple

I dont think the dose is neccarily to low per se but I think your missing out on the benefits each drug has to offer by only running it 2 weeks. When I ran winny I did 50mg/ed but it wasnt really until the 2nd week mark that I noticed it start to shine then week 3&4 were the best. Not sure if that’s how anavar works as well or not. I know 20mg of var is considered a pretty low dose for males. But 30mg of winny Ed is def enough to get noticeable results.

I can’t imagine you will need adex on 250mg test/week but of course have it on hand

I just changed my mind. I going to do 4 last winstrol. Thanks for your response.

Thanks for your answer.
I am dropping the anavar, i will take winstrol last 4 weeks 30mg. I think anavar is overprise and overrated

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Anavar is certainly not overrated. In high doses (70mg+) its effects are equivalent to tren for me and most. However, it does raise BP quite quickly but the dry gains, vascularity and strength is amazing.

In most places though it is very expensive, I’m just lucky enough to get it fairly decent priced.


14 hours ago you didn’t know what dose to take and now your expert opinion is that it’s overrated? I would love to know the kind of in depth research that lead you to that conclusion.

Just to be clear @arshad1205 I liked your comment because I was agreeing with your thinking of ditching tha var and just sticking to the winny for 4 weeks.

As far as it being overrated I can’t personally weigh in because iv never taken it. I do see a lot of mixed opinions on it which is probably based off it being fake so often.

Being over priced is a relative point of a view. The few places iv seen legit lab tested var being sold it generally isnt all that much more expensive than most other orals. Now if your running 100mgs a day var vs 25 mgs of winny then yes that difference is gonna cost a few bucks.

Now you wanna talk about over priced let’s talk about HGH! Or maybe that’s just relative to me I haven’t quite been able to justify spending the money. Maybe one day tho… Well I’m sure one day!

I’m not an expert. From people results and experience i think winny bring more keepable gains and vascularity at low dose. That’s my personal opinion.

Also, i have a box of Albuterol (ventolin) 4mg . Can i take it during pct? Like 24mg divided in 3 doses @iron_yuppie

I’m going to answer your question with a question: why that dosage and protocol? What led you to that setup? It’s not a criticism or a trap, I’m just curious how people arrive at these things.