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Test E, Anavar, Proviron Cycle Advice

Hello Everyone,

25 Years Old
185 Pounds (Lean)

I have always been involved in high-level competitive sports, and have been raised by a high-level sports conditioning coach, so I will not waste time trying to convince everyone that I know what I am doing both in the gym, and outside the gym (Nutrition, sleep, etc…)

My goals are to improve my strength and muscle mass, cardio endurance, flexibility/mobility. I want to keep the cycle as safe as possible, and want to be able to recover well. Going above 250Mg of Test-e is not something I will do, because I am relatively new to this, and even though 500/week would yield better results, I am in this for the long run, and want to start with a low dose, to have room to increase my doses in future cycles/years down the road.

Please let me know what you think. Should I increase/decrease any dosages (except for test)?. Any suggestions are welcomed. I know 10 weeks is short, but I want to gauge how my body reacts, if all goes well, and I recover well, I will modify accordingly in future cycles.

Weeks 1-10: 250Mg/Week Test-E
Weeks 1-10: Proviron 25Mg
Weeks 1-6: Anavar 40Mg

PCT (weeks 12-17)
Nolvadex: 60,40,40,20,20
Clomid: 50,50,25,25

Without knowing your entire cycle history…I assume this isn’t your first cycle sense you have multiple compounds…

Looks fine. I would still divide your weekly dose into two equal doses per week. It just helps keep the levels more stable. I don’t know if your were planning that or not so I figured I would cover it just in case.

Anavar, are you sure you have a good source? If you are new to this compound and you have never tried winstrol before then I would switch to winstrol. The simplest explanation is they usually fake anavar with winstrol. If you have never tried winstrol then you should try it so you will have a reference point to compare the “anavar” to. I know I would feel dumb if I tried anavar, loved the results so I kept on paying anavar prices then down the road finally tried winstrol and realized I had been taking winstrol all along.
I know winstrol is a harsher compound but from your description of desired results I think it fits you well. Olympic athletes took it before the tests got good enough to catch them so there is a way to cycle winstrol and remain in top shape.

Proviron, it makes every cycle better. If your new to it, enjoy!

I have moved past the cycle, PCT and recover part of my journey. I blast and cruise. However if memory serves me I think the standard clomid and Nolvadex PCT protocol is one full dose of each per day for two weeks then a half dose of each per day for two weeks. Clomid dose is 50 and Nolvadex is 20. You could still do five weeks of Nolvadex I would just cut those Nolvadex doses in half. That is if there isn’t some reason from your past necessitating you to run those doses.

You shouldn’t run into any Estrogen issues at your dose but I would still just find a way to get your hands on an AI like arimidex just in case. Maybe a friend who cycles has some left over or you can just find one of those research chemical sites and have it on “speed dial.” Arimidex aromasin and femara are the common name brand AIs you can look up the pharmaceutical names that most places will sell them as.

good luck with this cycle , keep us updated when you can !!

I have Aromasin on hand incase problems arise. And thank you for the PCT advice, I will make modifications as recommended.

Thank you for your time.


is Anavar usually faked? I wanted to take anavar because of the pain joint associated with winstrol. I already have some joint pains.

Yes anavar is usually faked or very under dosed. It’s just one of the more expensive compounds then you add in that situation with the magazine article back in the early 2000s. Basically the article said with weighing all risks vs rewards Anavar is number one. So the popularity exploded. Being that before that article most people had never heard of it not to mention used it the UGLs took advantage. After all why sell real anavar if most people have never had it so they wouldn’t know the difference? I am sure the cost of anavar also helped to urge the shittier UGLs to fake it.

In my opinion the cost vs what you get out of it then anavar is really only needed for specific situations. One, blast through a strength plateau. Two, you need that last extra help with your cut before you walk across stage. Three, you want the tighter looking skin for on stage. Otherwise the gains you get from it are not all that spectacular and once you weight them against the cost they are some very over priced gains in my opinion. For the average guy cutting fat it is not going to do anything more than much more affordable compounds. So again that definition it helps with for the average guy is very expensive especially compared to other compound’s results.

There is some joint pain you can not guard against however a big portion of the joint pain associated with winstrol is associated with over use and or not enough estrogen in the system. Estrogen has a natural anti inflammatory and pain killing ability. If a guy runs winstrol without any wet compounds then the joint pain is much worse, a lot of guys run these “pro” stacks without any test or anything wet and then they have joint pain. Since winstrol is in the stack they blame that for the pain. The other end of the spectrum is guys do run winstrol with test but they over use the AIs so again there is no estrogen in their system and BAM joint pain. (We get joint pain when we have no estrogen weather winstrol is in the stack or not)
Don’t misunderstand me there is some inherent risk of joint pain with winstrol but if properly run then the risk is rather low and manageable.

Given that you have previous joint pain then I would be hesitant to use winstrol. If you do decide to try it just remember weather you use oral or injectable the compound will clear your system within hours after you stop ingesting it. It will take a little longer if you have been injecting it. So there is a sort of safety net there, it’s very easy to get out of your system if any issues arise.


thanks for the info. yeah I was thinking of running Test E and an oral, something to get me tighter, so I was thinking anavar or winstrol.

maybe I’ll just do winstrol and see how it goes