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Test E/Anavar First Cycle for Fat Loss

hi this is my first post so please feel free to give suggestions +ve or -ve both are good for me.
Aim of the cycle:- to loose bf(mainly lower mid-section) while gaining some muscle size,and to get that hardened look.
current stats:- 29yrs , 5’9" , 188lbs , 23% bf.
been working hard for the last 8 months, and currently on very clean diet,
doing cardio 6 day/week(insanity workout)

first off ,not yet sure if its going to be 10 or 12 week cycle.
1-12 test e 250*2/week
8-14 anavar 60mg ed
1-14 aromasin 12.5mg eod
15-18 clomid 50/50/25/25
15-18 nolvadex 40/40/20/20
15-18 tribulus


1-10 test e 250*2/week
6-12 anavar 60mg ed
1-12 aromasin 12.5mg eod
13-16clomid 50/50/25/25
13-16 nolva 40/40/20/20
13-16 tribulus

will b taking liv-52,glucosamine,multi vit, omega, whey the whole time

ANY/EVERY suggestions to make it a better cycle is greatly honored.

IMO your bodyfat is far too high to be considering cycling mate. You say you have been working hard for 8 months, is that your entire training history? If so then you are far too inexperienced as well, IMO.

If I were you, I would tighten up the diet and lose a bunch of bodyfat over the next 6 months or so, and if at the end of that time you have gotten a lot leaner, and still want to use drugs (I would still recommend not doing it) run a proper bulking cycle and take advantage of your post-dieting gains.

Ya your BF is too high to cycle IMO. Not trying to flame here but the insanity workout? really? I’ve been 23% bf before with clean diet and good training program i dropped 10% in 6 months (all natural). Ditch the infomercial workout and hit the tredmill and weights hard.

Have you lost any bf in those 8 months? Or is that we’re you are now after 8 months?

Like everyone said your bf is too high, one cycle isn’t gonna give you the look your going for sure you’ll lose some bf, diet is what you need. Instead of cardio 6 days a week do 4 days at least lifting weights and replace that fat with muscle.