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Test-E/Anavar Cycle, Experiencing Testicular Atrophy

hey guys, im on my 5 th week and noticeing testicles are shrinking alot and its only my 5 th week on cycle shoukd i be worried? Or is there anything i can take to help?

It’s normal. And if you had bothered to do any research before you started your cycle you’d know that. You’d also know that it’s preventable. Google “testicukar atrophy on cycle” and see if you can’t find your answer.

Once they get to the size of raisins you run the risk of them getting lost back in your pelvic area. This can be reversed thru nut detangling surgery but it’s best to prevent this by rubbing each nut between your thumb and pointer finger for an hour each day.


By worried i meant at the rate thats its going i did do my research and im not the type of person who doesnt? I spent months preparing, There are certain things you dont expect when on cycle that only so much research can inform you of. If your reffering to HCG which is about the only thing i have found HCG will rapidly increase my testosterone levels and also my oestrogen due to aromitization i dont want it to cause gyno, And this will throw off my hormones, as it seems my hormones are at a perfect spot right now. I was looking for a disscussion of veterans and what there experiences were?

So you think HcG is going to throw your hormone out of whack? Not worried about the Test or Anavar doing that? You should have an AI on hand or at least Nolvadex.


As long as you inject the hcg directly into the nucleus of the nut your hormones will be fine.


No it won’t. Not even a little bit.

You’d have to take hilarious and irresponsible amounts to get gyno from it. It aromatises, but then so does testosterone and you’ve been happy to take that.

If you want tiny balls then do nothing. If you want normal ones—and some semblance of function from your testes—then take some hcg for the rest of your cycle. 250iu twice a week should do the trick.

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Guys he wants a discussion with the vets, I think we should bow out. We are clearly not equipped to converse with this gentleman about this new phenomena of testicular atrophy on cycle.


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What dosage are you taking of both? Either way testicles are going to shrink. Standard protocol for some HRT clinics give you an Arimidex and HCG just for kicking starting your natural test production and blocking Estrogen. HCG doesn’t cause enough Aromatization to cause Gyno.

Whats sad SB is I am by no means a “vet” nor anyone really qualified to give advice. BUT I have discovered a few websites where I can get answers from. Did you know there is a website called Google . c o m where I can pretty much type anything and find answers. Did you also know I could also search these forums and find answers to almost every question that has already been asked.

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I don’t do well on HCG. 250iu twice a week actually did cause gyno issues. From what I understand it causes your testes to produce test, and for some reason an AI won’t work on any aromatize activity that occurs. Most people have no issues with it. If OP is gyno prone and wants to prevent atrophy nolva is a must I’d say.

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That’s really interesting. You are definitely the outlier in that regard. What do you do while on trt then? Are you not using hcg at all? And if so have you had any troubles, um, down there in regards to size?

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How do the nuts produce Test when the whole system is shutdown due to use of AAS?

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HCG is very similar in structure to LH. When taking AAS your FSH and LH ore shut down. Your basically tricking your body into thinking it has LH and that in turn encourages some test production from the testes. That’s my understanding at least


I don’t use HCG at all. We’re done having kids and I notice no difference in regards to sex drive, or performance. I’d say nuts are about 60% of what they used to be, but for me that’s simply a non issue.

This sums it up pretty well

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Not trying to side track this thread but in all seriousness have any of y’all noticed one nut gets smaller than the other?

My right nut literally hasn’t decreased in size at all while my left is around 50%. Personally atrophy doesn’t bother me at all but I’m curious as to why this is. Makes me think that I have a bunk right nut and it was never working this whole time.

The vein to the left testicle is longer and the left one is usually larger and lower in most men. Not sure why one would atrophy and not the other. You sure they were similar in size before atrophy?

Yea… My right one shrinks much faster and hurts…

Poster same thing happened to me dont shit yur pants just get some HCG in meantime you can get clomid as a research chem super fast… Thats what Im doing…
I started my cycle and thought I had a pack of HCG turns out I sild it to a buddy it was a empty box… So when my vial ran out I was in serouse nut pain & shrinkage… Its been 10 days since my last HCG shot and with all this Tren in my system I would gladly Give a Hobo a rusty trombone for 3 pack of HCG… Nuts feel like they got ran over by a truck

Send pics smallest nards wins

Yes pretty sure. Altho I can’t honestly say I spent much time comparing them.

So the reason why I thought maybe I had a dead right nut is because when I was younger my right nut never dropped. I know that sounds crazy.

But they really did have to do surgery (hence how I got the idea for my joke earlier about nut detangling surgery) I was like 6 years old and they made a small cut below my waist and I guess dropped it down. But I was reading this is somewhat common but can cause damage to the nut due to it not dropping on time and essentially over heating.

Makes me wonder if permanent damage was done to the right nut and it somehow is just floating around but has never worked