Test E + Anadrol 50

Hey guys, I am coming up to my second cycle. I am planning on using

-Anadrol 50 week 1-4 dosed at 50mg a day (1hr pre workout)

-Testosterone enanthate week 1-12 dosed 750mg a week

  • Nolvadex week 1-4 20mg a day (while using anadrol)

Planning on having a on cycle support containing milk thistle while using anadrol than stopping when I stop the anadrol.


  • nolvadex 40mg daily week 14-18
  • Clomid 50mg daily week 14-18

Some info about me;

Age- 22
Training seriously - 3 years
Weight- 95kg
Body fat around - 19-20%

bench - 150kg
Squat- 200kg
deadlift - 190

Previous cycle - test e 500mg/week

Please let me know If I am missing anything I should be having during this cycle or if I should change any doses to better my cycle.

Thank you everyone in advance and hope to hear from you

What were your results from the 500mg T only cycle?

Dropped body fat down to around 14
Gained about 10kg all up

But post cycle kept about 6kg

I was taking over counter anti estrogens for the duration to try and keep water down

Was fairly happy with my results but want to take it to the next level without involving tren until I’ve had a few more cycles

Do you have any competition goals in mind?

I know people disagree with me on this forum but I don’t believe you should just keep doing cycles unless you want to compete in something. Especially if you are considering increasing the dosages and compounds used from cycle to cycle. Being an average gym bro doesn’t really justify the potential risks in my opinion.

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I do want to compete in the future I was planning to possibly compete next year. But yes I am planning to compete soon

If you are serious about competing then. have you considered blasting and cruising?

Makes sense but we both know he’s going to do another cycle just like most everyone here especially if he’s already stepped into the darkside.

I’ve read a little bit on blasting a cruising but not too much depth into it

Do you have a good reason for that particular test dose?

Why? Nolva has no effects on the progesterone like effects of anadrol.

Use something a bit better then milk thistle look into tudca and nac

This Is overkill even for a dual serm pct this is not propper

Too young, too fat

So you gained about 22lbs while loosing 6% body fat?

And kept 12lbs while getting fatter again?

I think you should take a step back and focus on diet. This seems to be the area where things aren’t adding up. While you spend some time researching and learning proper nutrition I’d also look more into the MOA of anadrol and better PCTs. Do this for the next 6 months while losing wieght and then consider this cycle…maybe

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