Test E Affects Sleep Quality

Those are clearly weekly dosages are they not? If they were daily i would have been on 7g of test, 3.5g of tren and 3.5g of mast and 2.1g of dbol…

Not really the most cost efficient cycle in terms of sides:results…

I’m a tad late in the thread, but try melatonin. Its probably been mentioned already but I dont have time to read the thread. Also I have heard of some using Clonazepam (sp?) but I do believe its a prescription drug. I havent researched it too much, I would check into it and see if it may hinder your gains.


Clonazepam is a Benzodiazepine… i wouldn’t recommend anyone begin self prescribing Benzo’s and i personally do not think that the majority of people who get them from doctors should use them either. They are by no means harmless.

I like to switch up between melatonin and an antihistamine such a diphenhydramine or doxylamine succinate. I find if I take melatonin before I go to sleep but then dont go to sleep within ~10-20 minutes or stare at a screen (read any bright lights) then it just keeps me up. As far as antihistamines i find doxylamine works better than diphenhydramine.

Melatonin does not have a long half-life. As levels drop that mimics how falling melatonin levels wake you up. Get a time release melatonin product.

I am on low dose deprenyl and that has not affected my sleep. [I have actually reduced my trazodone dose [sleep aid] from 100mg–>50mg.] Do not take past mid-day.

Benadryl also will bounce some to wakefulness from its short half life. Time release would work well. Benadryl can be combined with other longer acting agents. Some foods can make one wakeful or wake you up when the upper intestine dumps into the lower intestine [after eating something unusual]… benadryl can be very useful for that.

Doxylamine works better than benadryl and lasts the night. I feel way better getting off of that after years of use by switching to trazodone.

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Thanks for all the input guys. I have been sleeping better this cycle. I just worried the first night when I didn’t sleep after front loading. I injected just before bedtime and I guess the excitement of starting a new cycle had my mind on overdrive. This is good reference for the next time I am hit with insomnia.