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Test E/Adex Cycle Plan

Greetings folks,
I’ll start off with a little background and then move into my cycle plan and finally my questions.

I’m 27, 6’4", 205lbs 15% bf or so. I’m a classic hard gainer, I graduated highschool around 170, crept up to 180 or so a few years ago when I decided enough was enough. I started working out and made my way up to 195 or so. A bit less than two years ago I decided to try a cycle, I had a contact in the bodybuilding world who was both my supplier and advice guru. the cycle I ran was 13 weeks of Test E at 500mg/week, PCT was Nolva and Clomid.

The cycle worked well, I put on about 15lbs, but in the process I began developing gyno, being new and ignorant I ignored the early signs and let it develop further than I should have but I got it under control using Letro and Nolva and now it’s completely gone (praise the lord).

I had no bloodwork done before the cycle or during, or right after. I had actually asked my doctor to run a test for T levels before the cycle because I’ve always felt like they were low, he told me he did run it and showed me the workup, said it was normal and I was on my way. Months later I thought to investage it myself and looking at the bloodwork there was no test for T levels done! This was long past my cycle. I had my new doctor run the test and my levels came back within the normal range but low for my age. I’m in the 10th percentile for my age group.

I have no way of knowing if this was the fault of a bad PCT, but I feel my levels have always been lower than they should be. So my first question, if it’s been over a year since the end of the PCT, would my system have recovered on it’s own by now? i didn’t tell the doctor about the cycle, but she wasn’t willing to send me to an endo to see what the problem is, in her eyes I’m fine.

So anyways, after much debate of what’s best to do I’ve decided that for now the best thing would be to run a cycle.

1-14 Test E 400mg/week
1-16 Adex 0.25mg ED
15-16 No Test E
16 on Nolva 40/20/20/20

From the 17th week I would taper the test from 100mg/week down by 20mg/week, while also tapering the Adex.

Along the way seeing how I feel and adjusting the Adex if needed. Is this looking appropriate?
All I have on hand is Letro from my previous experience…

I also have Anavar on hand, I bought it before researching fully and was planning to run it as a stand alone cycle for cutting purposes. I realize now this is a bad idea. I figure I might as well use it at the end of this cycle so I’d be 40mg ED for 3 weeks.

I’ve also been throwing around the idea of a Dbol kickstart, but would I be better off doing that next time, so I can see how my body reacts to the Adex? Fewer variables?
Anyways thanks for your guidance.