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Test E Add Anything Else?


I am 32 5 9 about 230 at about 16%bf
this is my 3rd or 4th cycle.
i am currently running test e only
week 1 was 1000mg, week 2-9 is 500 mg
also running arimidex and have nolva if needed.
should i add some winny the last 4 or 5 weeks? any input is appreciated. thanks


What is your goal?


put on about 15 lbs of muscle without adding any bf maybe even dropping a bit of bf


well winny isnt the answer then, try adding tren, or eq, if you would rather use an oral why not try some Oral Turinabol i have heard some good things. And remember the addition of bodyfat is dependant on your diet not the aas


3rd or 4th???? You seriousley don't know?? Do you remember what you had for lunch today??


i hear you about the diet thing, just that all ican get is winny, question is can i put on those 15 lbs of muscle keeping the bf off given the test i'm running?


long story, done 3 started 4th, did only half, got very ill, nothing to do with cycle. did not think it was too relevant to the question.
I think i remember what i had for dinner, can't remember lunch.


ok... what were the other cycle and what kind of results did you get? Any side effects. This information will help with any suggestions.


I am confused.Why the arimi?I would understand if you were shooting deca.correct me if I am wrong wrong!



what should i use instead? letro?

1st cycle was tren only 75 mg eod for 8 weeks. droppped about 8%bf. went from about 215 to 185

2nd was deca , enanthate, think enanthate was fake. put on about 10 lbs. deca was 600 mg, enanthate was 400 mg /week

3rd was tren/prop. 8 weeks. tren 75mg day prop 100 mg day. 8 weeks, dropped about 15 lbs of fat and put on about 15 lbs of muscle.

4th was tren 75 ed, for only about 4 weeks because i got pneumonia.


A little bit too late as you should have had all this all sorted bfore you started but maybe some Tren and D-bol for then back end running it a week longer than the test.

What PCT will you be running?


i think i do have it sorted, test only, just checking to see if winny was ok to add at end. if not a good idea, won't do i t. clomid for pct


just read my previous statement and sounds like i am being a smartass, didn't mean for it to come across that way. thanks


yes it would be ok - using the fast acting up to a week or so after you com off the test then start your PCT.

I don't think clomid is that great but works for some people. What about HCG?



I don't like clomid personally... Messes up my vision.

It's expensive for most people compared to Nolvadex, and not as potent.


can not get hcg but do have nolva. thanksc