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Test E 600mg Shot Positively In Muscle, Pain


Hi long time lurker I've read 100 of posts on test e pain. This is my second cycle and I never had pain before and I was using test E 500mg 2 twice a week.

My question is, if you are positive you got the pin placement right and you can barely walk 2 days later, and this Is your second test e 600mg shot, does the test still get into your system assuming it't not shit.

I am also taking EQ 600mg a week and that goes in smooth as butter and only mild soreness for a couple hours.

If Its an oil issue can I just grind the pain out knowing the test e Is still working? Shou l d I split 1cc twice a week?

Thanks guys,if there is already a thread on this direct me too it and please don't flame me.


All injected T, SC, IM or pellets are 100% absorbed. Might be less effective if shot into a vein and then direct to the liver or kidneys.

You may have had an internal bleed, causing inflammation that may be directly affecting a nerve, or more direct aggravation of the nerve.

Is this the first injection of a new batch/lot for you?
Has this happened more than once from the same vial?

Is your leg swollen and/or hot?

If you press firmly on an injection side after injecting for 10 seconds, that will allow most cut blood vessels to seal off and not bleed. Reduced surface bleed bruises too.

Please to not inject into your gluts, too many critical nerves.


Are you taking 600mg of test per week total, or is it an underground labs high concentration product of 600mg/ml?
If it is the second one it wouldn’t be surprising to get a lot of PIP. Test usually works best at 200-250mg/ml. Any more than that per ml and you start to need very high concentrations of solvents, which can cause pain in many people.


Check the vial to see if it contains ethyl oleate, another agent which some people don’t react well too.

If the concentration is too high and is causing you pain, you can either get some new regular concentration stuff, or it can be cut with grapeseed oil(which needs to be filtered through a sterile filter)