Test E (600mg/pw) and Heavy Cardio

Anyone have any experience with strength training and heavy cardio (sport requirements) whilst running test e at 600mg a week? Will it be enough to overcome the strength and muscle building restrictions of heavy cardio (couple of hours most days) ?

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Is this cycle for aesthetical purposes or to improve sport performance? One can still gain muscle naturally despite heavy cardio if they eat over maintenance caloric needs. With anabolic steroids, nutrient partitioning properties are present, meaning muscles can make more efficient use of nutrients, the result can be one is able to gain muscle mass despite eating at or below maintenance. Increased receptor binding to muscle tissue, increased protein synthesis and decreased amino acid breakdown etc will also have a large role as to the increased muscle mass one sees on anabolic steroids.

600mg of test should have you between 2-5000ng/dl with regards to total testosterone levels, this is more than enough to notice a significant effect with regards to body composition. Most Anabolic steroids, in THEORY should be good for cardiovascular fitness (not cardiovascular health) (although don’t make a grilled treneese sandwhich), that’ll possibly wreck your cardio. I believe Anabolic steroids stimulate erythropoiesis by by directly stimulating CFU-E in bone marrow AND by stimulating the kidneys to synthesise erythropoietin. The release of more erythropoietin will increase the number of red blood cells formed in bone marrow, red blood cells contain haemoglobin, and haemoglobin carries oxygen to various parts of the body. Aerobic exercise predominantly works Type I muscle fibres (slow twitch), which use oxygen as fuel. Higher RBC count and haemaglobin allows oxygen (fuel) to be used more efficiently by your muscles and therefore you should notice an increase in cardiovascular fitness. However a rapid increase in weight could be detrimental as being heavy is typically counterproductive to agility and endurance sports. Many long distance runners use low doses of oxymetholone (don’t use oxymetholone) as it has an uncanny ability to increase RBC count.

Anyhow, the answer to your question is, yes, it’ll reduce muscle catabolism caused by excess cardio, but so will eating more food… I’m a firm believer of cardio as I believe it promotes longevity and good cardiovascular health, eccentric left ventricular hypertrophy is probably better than concentric left ventricular hypertrophy lololololol. I personally cycle about 10km/day and run 2km/day, that isn’t a lot by any means, however it keeps my aerobic fitness in check while I focus on predominantly bodybuilding and other anaerobic exercise in the gym. I’d run more but my knees can’t really take it

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Eating a proper diet can help you achieve your goals. More calories burned means need to consume more. :hugs:

Don’t ever use this joke as an ice breaker on a date.

damn… that was like my number one left ventricular hypertrophy joke that I had stored for future dates

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Appreciate the detailed reply, the cycle will be mainly for sports/strength performance however aesthetic improvements are always welcome. In the past I’ve found that even in a calorie surplus the heavy cardio takes a toll on strength building ability. However the cardio isn’t being done sat on a bike in perfect conditions so maybe there are other contributing factors. Thanks again!