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Test E 600mg & Masteron E 400mg Cycle


Hey guys, just wanting a bit of general advise or any personal experiences/words of wisdom with this kind of cycle.

Weeks 1-10 Test E 600mg p/w
Weeks 1-10 Mast E 400mg p/w
Weeks 1-4 Dianabol 50mg p/d

I'm going to be running 1mg Arimidex e.o.d, I have nolvadex on hand (although I believe running it at the same time reduces the effectiveness of arimidex). I also have HCG although I doubt I'll end up needing it.

I've had gyno in the past, which never fullyyyy entirely went away (like an almond size), but since then I've ran Anavar with no problems at all. I was wondering if you think running Arimidex along with Masteron will be enough to pretty much leave my mind free from worry of any estrogen related side effects coming from the test?

My aim is just to get stronger for my bodyweight, I've always stayed relatively lightweight as to not hinder my acrobatics (I still do it as a hobby), but putting on a few lb dry would be great just for aesthetics. I'm currently 8% bodyfat so I'm hoping that's low enough for the masteron to be more noticeable in it's effects.

Although, running arimidex alongside should help keep bloat away from the Test e, as well as controlling estrogen side effects amirite?



Cycle looks decent. Run the dbol week 4-8 or 8 -12 before starting pct. 1 mg of adex may be over kill start with .5mg eod.

Yes adex will keep the bloat down.


Dianabol is not the right drug for your goal. At all.

Even with the dianbol removed you do not need a gram of steroids per week to gain a few pounds. 300mg test + 300mg mast should be more than enough. You may not need any arimidex at all at those doses.


I also do some acrobatics and honestly, extra weight does not hinder it unless you are extremely big. I've gained 35 pounds in the last 7 months, my vertical jump increased several inches, and stuff like standing back tucks and gainerflashes are soooo much easier now.

I do agree it will help with aesthetics, but you can also be pretty thick without affecting your acrobatics much. Jujimufu is a great example seeing as hes well built now and has the cleanest moves ever. Plus, those moves look far more pleasing when done by a muscular individual... I dont know why... maybe for the same reason that an attractive female dancer is more pleasant to watch than a fat one, even if they have equal skill.


You likey the big muscley!


Haha Dbol are you on tricksession? If so, what's your name :]

Yeah I'm not worried about putting on alotta weight, and as to the guy who said about the few lbs thing, I'm really not being unrealistic. I really doubt I'll gain more than like 4lbs of 'lean mass' in this whole cycle, I mean I'll put on a shit ton of water bloat, and nitrogen retention all that lark, but actual quality muscle I'm sure it won't be much.

Juji does have some great moves :] I'm surprised Antoine can still trick. I can't wait to look a bit more gymnasty by the end anyway, I basically just want massive delts, lats and no bodyfat haha.