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Test E 500mg/Week + Tren A 50mg ED + Test P 50mg/day +Dianabol 40mgED


3rd liquid cycle, stats are as followed;
24 turning 25 less than a month,
been gong to the gym since high school.
160lb, 12% bf (kinda high compared to usual with increased protein/carb intake)

Tren a 50mg/ED : Week 1-12
Test e 500mg/week : Week 1-12
Test p 50mg/ED : Week 1-3
Dianabol 40mg/ED : Week 1-5

Pct: Nolva and Chlomid 2 weeks after last shot, with HCG starting last 4 weeks of cycle.

2 weeks in now and + 5 lb, while still tweaking my eating schedule and considering getting a nutritionist to help me keep eating habits constant while working on the road at times.


Basically been teaching myself thus far through whatever resources available and just joined this site looking for anything that will help me continue to improve myself as efficiently as possible!!


This is a mess.


Your height? Training protocol? Why you’re on anabolics? Diet plan? If your third round with AAS, why 160lbs independantly of your height? Even at 5’5 i’d expect someone with 2 cycles to be over 160 at 12%


I would definately recomend getting that nutrition knowledge bro. These guys are gonna tear this appart because you are putting in the work and are taking good shit and aren’t haining like you should.

I am a big guy and the first time someone who knew their shit told me what to eat I almost threw up. Its uncomfortably alot. It still feels like alot and I am 33, and not like I ate too much McDonalds alot, like I just ate, fuck I gotta eat AGAIN, alot.

Figure what you think your diet should be and list it and we will help you.


Why in the hell are you only 160lbs after 3 fucking cycles… Do you know what food is? This is about rediculus.


you look like a kid… leave the AAS alone and go eat.


come back bro this is how you learn…