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Test E 500mg First Cycle, Breathing Side Effects

I’m a new registered member here on T-N and I’m in need of some advice.

I’m currently on my fourth week of my Test E cycle, 500mg/v. I’m running it alone since it’s my first cycle.

At week 3 of the cycle I started to feel that it was hard to breathe, and it’s still the same. I know this is a common side effect of test e but it’s really annoying.

I’ve done tests where heart rhythm is fine, nothing on EKG, blood values are fine.

My real question here is there anything I can do to prevent this? Or do I just have to stick with it?

Also, if anyone can relate, how long does it take for the blood to thin out once you’ve ended your cycle?

Thanks in advance!

I find it hard to breathe when I’m holding excessive water/bloated.

My suggestion is lowering your sodium and cleaning up your diet as much as possible drink more water and take potassium


You could try OTC bronchodilator or ask your doc for an albuterol inhaler. They are awesome. Nasal sprays open your nasal cavities and some gets into your lungs.
I don’t get bad side effects from cycling or TRT so these are just brain storming ideas not proven fixes for your problem.
When you say your blood are OK do you have a test we can see? OK really doesn’t mean crap.

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Zeek hit it on the head, well the most likely cause and the thing you should look at first is water retention. Yes it is just water but regardless of what makes up the weight; lean tissue, fat, or water your heart has to work harder. If your heart is working harder, you have to breath with it and on top of it your lungs have more weight on them from the water retention. The retention could just be the basic retention that any injected hormone causes or it could be from diet or it could be from estrogen.

I didn’t see anything about your body make up. You stated this is week three of your cycle so it seems a bit early for having gobs of extra water from estrogen but everyone is different. If you do have a higher body fat percentage then you will aromatize test more than the next guy. The Aromatase enzyme is how the body manages free test levels and it breaks down the test into estrogen. After you double check your diet and if you are still having issues then an Aromatase Inhibitor will block the process and ultimately lower the estrogen levels in your body. Lower estrogen usually means lower water retention.

If you want some easy ways to monitor water retention then go wear those mid calf athletic socks. If at the end of the day, or even just after you wear them to the gym, you can see the fabric imprint on your skin then you are definitely retaining water. We all retain it differently but I retain in my legs first so that how I monitor.
The other way is go get on the decline situp bench. Make it as steep as possible so that when you lay back your head is lower than your heart. If you notice that pressure feeling real quick after you lay back, your heart is definitely working under a heavy load which could very well be from water retention.
Those are two things that I keep an eye on as a way to self monitor for water retention. You would think it would be obvious that you are retaining but you are trying to gain so watching the scale doesn’t tell you what kind of weight. Also if your retention level just goes up a little bit each day then it’s less likely for you to notice a dramatic change in appearance.

I know you said hard to breath but I do notice on some hormone that I have intense breathing. Like I am in the middle of a labor job so I am active and my breathing is intense or tense. I dont know how else to describe it. I think that is from just your body being more active internally from the extra hormone.


Thank you all for your answers!

Yeah I will try some of your advices here about checking the water retention.

I will also decrease the sodium intake and add some potassium. My water intake is fine I think. About 3L per day.
My diet overall is pretty decent so don’t think that’s the issue either. Mostly contains chicken, fish, eggs and rice. Eating 6 meals per day.

Once again, thanks for showing your intrest! :slight_smile:

Add some Proviron 25-50mg, boosts free testosterone and it rips the water retention off of me. Little to no sides.

3L isn’t all that much. That’s not even 1 gallon of water. And when i see “about 3L”, that tells me it might not even be 3L that you’re getting.

3L is too little?
Nah I know for sure that I’m drinking 3L cus my jug is on 2L. I finish 1 1/2 each day.

Are you saying that I need to increase the water intake even more? How much would you suggest then?

I drink 5-6L daily, easily. I’m not sure the consensus on recommended water intake while on cycle, but I’ve consumed 3L by noon each day easy, regardless of on or off cycle.

All right, gonna up it to 6L. Cheers!

Wait til some others post, I honestly don’t know what’s recommended. Just what my body responds to and what it feels like it needs. I would at the very least be aiming for 1 gallon though.

I need a minimum of 1.5 gallons. I probably drink closer to 2 gallons per day.

I always recommend people drink a minimum of a gallon but suggest more if possible especially if your training daily or spend time outside/sweating


For normal people: drink when you’re thirsty.
For people on cycle: drink when you’re thirsty, plus a few more liters

You’re adding size, which means your food and water intake must go up commensurate with said extra size.


Since this is your first cycle. Have you considered cutting back to 300mg/wk? Something like 150mg on Monday and 150mg on Thursday? Just to see if your T dose is just too much for the first time.
I have done 4 cycles my first was 300 for 12 weeks my last was 400 for 12 weeks. I’ll be trying 500 this winter. I got great results with each cycle and did not regret doing more. I had basicly no bad side effects. That said I let my E2 run high when blasting and my dick quits working however it always starts working again once my E2 gets back down below 40. I might try taking an AI next time to see if I can keep the dick working just as an experiment. Good luckon whatever you deside to do.

Hi! You are absolutely right. I think that the dosage is too high for me as well so will go for the 300 instead to see if the sides will disappear.


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