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Test-E 500mg a week 16 week cycle

Hello this is my second post and it’s just me finalising my cycle and what I have decided to go with

-27 years old-
I’m currently 95kg been cutting since 100kg I’m getting down to 90kg then starting my cycle, depending on body scan and blood results making sure I’m on point and in my peak
I plan on filling back out maybe to 95 depending on my diet eat very clean and have one cheat meal a week gym is 1.5-2 hours a day, cardio 2x a week
that’s just me I know everyone is different :call_me_hand:
Monday morning pin 1ml
Thursday night second pin 1ml

Armidex on hand if needed will use eod, but only if needed if any signs oF itchy nipples (gyno) or to much water bloat I will start using

Nolvadex for pct 14-18 days from last pin

40/40/20/20/20/20 is this too long of a pct ?
Should a natural test boost be added ?
Everyone seems to run what works for them I respect that and just looking for any help or insights, this is how I want to run it and I feel like it looks good

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