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Test E 500 and Dbol Cycle Log

injection 2

First off first injection crippled me the pip was so bad. Im better today.

I did my second injection in my right glute.

I couldnt do leg day at all. So skipped and did abs and calves.

At this point the dbol has not kicked in yet.

Im not feeling any different just cant wait for dbol to kick in.

injection 3

My right glute it in so much pain i cant sit i cant drive. And my right quad still hurts from my first injection.

I did some reasearch and found out im an idiot because i bought t500… and thats why the pip is terrible.

So i trued pinning both delts with a quarter ml to see if thats better.
I also ordered some test cyp 250 because i cant handle the t500.

Ill save it for if i ever want to try eq and then i can cut the two.

Dbol has kicked in and im feeling amazing. 30mg a day and i dont think i need to go to 40mg. Might be to much for my first experience. Worked shoulders and nailed it at the gym also got two comments today about looking bigger so i must have put on some water weight with the dbol.
Im going to have my stats checked end of this week.

Ill keep you guys posted.

Try running hot water over bottle of test, possible crystals formed.

injection 4
Pain is still terrible from the past 2 but my frist injection site is better.
Grape seed oil is on its way to cut the test with.
Dbol was upped to 40mg a day and my what a difference. Feeling real full and strength is way up shoulder press went from 135 for a few reps to 155 for a few reps. I hadnt pressed in 3 weeks but continues with high volume shoulder training.
Thought that was a crazy jump.
Had a few comments now about looking big couple people at the gym and my mom of course.
Loving the dbol! Crazy good stuff!
Next monday im going to try get in to my doctor for a check up on health. Ill let you know what he says!
P.s. test hasnt kicked in yet.

Seems like cycle is going good, im doing my first squat workout , tommorow we will see straight leg deadlifts main exercise want to pull 700 plus at 43 its there got to be smart. Keep banging kid muscles memory kicks in

I would say keep working hard man. You’ll be sad when the dbol is back out of your system though. I’m on the exact cycle as you started right now I’m at week 9. Liver values were good taking Liv52 and NAC at 4 weeks so I ran the for 6 weeks. When I hit weeks 5 and 6 the water retention got a bit out of hand, so Jumped my Adex to ED instead of EOD. Feeling good now that the water weight is gone. I don’t miss the low back pumps but will admit I don’t quite feel as monsterous in the gym. I’m still as strong as I was on the dbol though, just not as much endurance to do the same volume. My cycle will finish with 4 weeks of dbol. (Two weeks on the test and the two weeks I wait to start PCT.)
My lean mass went up 20 pounds after 6 weeks of dbol, lost 4 pounds in the three weeks since I’ve been off, hopefully that’s just water weight. I have enjoyed the cycle so far and I’m sure you will as well.
One thing I’ve done for the pip, I get a glass of hot water and set the vial in it and let it sit while I take a hot shower. Then I get out the shower, roll the vial a little bit in my hands, and pin. (I alternate quads). I then immediately proceed to the gym for leg day. (Squats, leg press, SL deadlifts, leg ext and leg curls. This process leaves me with no piP.
Hope you have a killer cycle! And thanks to your service!!!

Thanks for the advice surf!
injection 5
Havent gotten the gso yet so pip is still very bad if i dont get my gso by thursday i will try what surf said to do…
Dbol is putting on the weight and mass like crazy. Gym days are incredible. Feels like i could lift for hours.
Arm day was this passed saturday and i had skin ripping pumps. It actually kind of hurt/stung. It actually felt like my skin was ripping. I loved it.