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Test E 500 and Dbol Cycle Log

Okay so i decided to keep a log of my progress for personal use but thought I might as well let other people benefit from it also.
Ive looked around and you dont find many logs that log progress all the way to the end. So i am here to try and add a full log in here.

Starting stats: 179lbs 6’1" 15% body fat 25 years old.
Believe me or not but i am perscribed 250mg every 2 weeks for a condition i have so i thought i might as well take advantage of it. Ive been at 15% body fat for medical reasons and now that i have that medical issue solved i can now safely drop that number.
This is infact my first cycle.
This is what my cycle looks like:
Weeks 1-10 500mg/wk test e 500
Weeks 1-4 30-40mg dbol ( might bump to 40 is i feel it would be appropriat.
Arimadex on hand will take as needed.
Weeks 12 clomid 50mg a day
Weeks 13-17 25 mg a day

Will be aiming for 360 grams of protein with clean foods and one cheat day a week.

day 1
August 22 took 30 mg of dbol and 250mg of test e.
First pin ever wasnt nervous until i felt how hard it was to inject then started shaking like no other.
After the injection i felt incredible. No doubt it was placebo but i should have worked out after the pin because i was so jacked that i did my first pin.

I worked out shoulders earlier that day. Mid workout i got a call from my buddy saying my gear had arrived. This made me excited and i got a fantastic workout in.

No change in stats (obviously)
Next pin is thursday but i probably wont post til the following monday but ill give you both pins in my update. By monday the dbol should start to kick in. Cya soon!

  1. That’s so much more protein than you need. Cut that down by at least 100 grams, and raise the carbs. Carbs will help so much more in the cycle than ridiculously high protein, trust me.

  2. start arimidex TODAY. Don’t wait until you have symptoms that could have been prevented in the first place. At that point, it becomes so much harder to get back to normal.


Ive been hitting 300-360 grams of protein for a couple months now and my muscle mass is increasing also getting a lot more vascular. This much protein has been working greatly for me and i havent had protein farts or shits. If its working great for me then would you still recommend cutting back?

And i will start arimadex today then. Starting at .5 on pinning days. And ill up that if i need to. Thank you for the advice!

you’re 6’1, 180 lbs, and 15 % bodyfat. You have no idea what works best for you, because you have an average physique. How can you possibly say that much protein works for you?

Do whatever you want, but consider being more open to advice until you’ve ACTUALLY achieved something.

As a side note, vascularity has absolutely nothing to do with your protein intake.


Also, think most people would rather watch paint dry than a log of a cycle we did when we were toddlers.

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I asked you if you would still lower protein intake. I am open to advice thats why i asked. And i was at 218 9% bf until somthing happened to me which cause dramatic weight loss. For health reasons i had to raise my bf% as i said in the beginning.
So please if your just going to rag on me and be of no use to me do yourself a favor and dont even waste your time posting.
I started this because its my first cycle and im looking as am i open to advice.

With that out of the way flipcollar with all do respect it has worked for me. But i am open to suggestions. If you could please give a reason other than you dont need that much that would be great and much appreciated.

Andy this log is not meant for advanced users as yourself its meant for first timers. Also its meant for giving advice. Im not trying to impress anyone with this cycle. i am trying give information to beginners that are looking for it.

if you’re going to be intentionally vague about health problems, nobody can give you proper advise without risking telling you something that would be detrimental to your health.

Military accident i badically have no balls. I then went into depression.

got ya.

so based on that, I’m guessing you’re on TRT for life, right? Since you said you have a prescription. If that’s the case, then there is absolutely NO reason to do the PCT you posted here. It’s 100 percent useless. PCT is meant to restore natural testosterone production. I’m assuming you’re suggesting you no longer have that capability. Thus, no pct. you just finish your cycle and drop back down to TRT doses until the next cycle.

This is why it’s useful to provide more info :wink:

Okay ill scratch the pct i still need AI right? Well as you can imagine im not a fan in telling ppl my balls are all but non exsistant.

Okay so i can barely walk the site of the injection hurts so bad. I was shaky as crap. Is this normal? Its been getting worse all day.

if you have real pharma dbol 30mg is enough no need to raise it, when it kicks in around 7-9 days you will feel it…

Conventional wisdom is that your body only benefits and can make use of 1-1.5 grams of protein for every pound of body weight. More provides no additional benefit, you would get the same results from 200g of protien per day.

Why not use those calories for carbs so that you have sufficient energy for workouts?

Do you have your target number of kcals and macros figured out? Are you tracking calories? There is not enough information here to be sure, but you argument about protein suggests that you might benefit from some more research into nutrition.

I track macros somewhat. I dont log everything but i keep a mental note and if by dinner i know i havent had enough of somthing ill try to gear my dinner and small meal after that to hit my desired goal. As far as my protein arguement i just figured why fix somthing thats not broken. It has worked for me greatly in the past.
So with what everyones been saying i should hit more around 250grams of protein which would be right there next to 1.5 grams per bodyweight in pounds.
I always thought it was 1.5 to 2 grams which appears is not the case. So my apologies. Ill finish up the food i have for this week and change up my diet plan.
Thanks for the advice.

Isn’t dbol really bad for your liver? I don’t understand why health conscience folks would take a substance they know is bad for them. Many other options that have much better safety profiles.

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No worries!

First off, I am not a nutrition expert, so other might chime in with more educated opinions.And ironically, I have not done a cycle (yet). What I can say is that I have done my homework and gained a mastery of my own diet and exercise. You can’t do this by guessing or tracking macros and or calories “somewhat” - you have track every bite of food that goes in your mouth, weighing out your food, measuring portions etc. How do you know that you are exceeding the number of calories in your basal metabolic rate? All will agree, IF YOU DON’T EAT CORRECTLY ON CYCLE, YOU WONT GROW / WONT GET ANY BIGGER. After 6 months-1 year of tracking every aspect of your diet and exercise, and when you can name the macro content and calories in nearly every food off the top of your head, you are in a position to “wing it” like you are doing now. Why not take this opportunity to do this 100% correctly and reap the benefits you seek?

Sounds like life has given you lemons (accident and depression), and you are determined to make lemonade and be happy l no matter what - good for you, I really respect that wish you the best. I also appreciate your military service and sacrifice.

I am on trt for life, i did some prohormones no pct, lowered it jumped on it was in hospital and realized the medical field was business went to uralagist got trt. I have done cycles since 90,s in 43 haven’t done much just trt for three years. Iam doing i cycle like yours after blood work. Accept i am doing 10 week power cycle followed by, 12 week cut cycle, which has always worked for me . My bodyfat is much higher than yours but is going down. Sounds like you eat clean, that is a lot of protein, if it is working drink at least 1 1/2 gallons gallons a day i cant remember the ratio but for every 4grams of protein you need a certain amount of high quality h2o. You should make good strength gains size gains, try getting at least half protein thru food. At 218 9%bodyfat and this is 125 test a week, you’ll be at least 240 post cycle, what are your strength levels? p.s. some of the guys on this forum are dicks

Any orals are bad for liver in general, actually even advil and ibuprofen is bad as well, now comparing dbol to other more toxic orals it isint as bad just make sure you run the proper protection for the liver.

My apologies strongmanjoe im not currently at 218 anymore. I used to be before my accident. Now im 180ish.
I dead lift 375 squat 290 bench 195 for singles right now.
Just started back into working out.
And i do get almost all of my protein from real food. Most days i dont even have a protein shake because i hit my goal.