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Test E 400

Is the Denkall Test E 400 painful? I guess as compared to Sus 250 which hurts like hell. If about the same what would you recommend as a substitute roid? Thanks

Dude, the T-400 fucking kills my man. I remember taking 2 cc’s right before my drive from Atlanta to Orlando and by the time I was about halfway home I was so uncomfortable in my seat and did not sleep at all that night. I know you can dilute the stuff with other roids or such but would prefer to stay away from that one. It was very effective but very painful where it felt like the pain had just subsided right when it was time to shoot again. Not fun.

Sostenon I always felt was very clean and not painful at all. If sticking with Mex gear go with some QV Cypiotest or Enanthate or something similar.


hey Brothers-

Heat that shit up before you inject it! Drop the vial in a little bit of warm water. I guarantee you brothers that you feel no pain. Inject a little slower too. Try that and tell me how it feels. Works for me. Adios!

I found that whenever i warmed my gear up before injecting it it went in a lot easier and didnt hurt quite as much, but it still ached pretty good. Cyctahoh sustanon is the only test i’ve found that injects completely painlessly.

Call me a wimp but I had to ditch the test400 when my glutes were so sore I couldn’t put my freakin’ socks on! I didn’t heat it like in Scorps post but I wont be using the stuff again regardless. I have experienced some short term soreness from Sus 250…I think it’s the prop. I only use enanthate now as that gives me no injection soreness at all and I can get it in 250 mg/ml doseage.

You could also try splitting up the injection into two body parts. For example, if you were to shoot up all 400mg at once (one full cc), I would split that into 2 shots, putting 1/2 a cc into each delt, for example.

I too have never felt ANY pain whatsoever from Cyctohoh Susties. Good luck.

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