Test E 400 SubQ Lumps and Pain

Hi, i am using Test e 400mg/ml on a .08ml EOD for TRT via SubQ on belly fat.

I now get pain that i didn’t with previous sources. I also get massive lumps which do take up to a week to fade per injection site. Upon doing a forum search, it appears that the issue is that high concentrations do sting more and that is partly due to the the oil needed. I messaged this supplier and they said the oil in the product was miglyol. Could i dilute it? Would that help?

Anyways, silly me had to learn the hard way but now what should i do going forward?

Between the high concentration and the mig you were almost guaranteed to get some unwanted pip. I know many guys tolerate mig, but I’m not one of them and it sounds like you aren’t either.

You can dilute, but make sure you do it properly. You will have to treat it as what it is, by whichever I mean taking a sterile substance and diluting it while maintaining sterility. Otherwise you’re going to be even worse off. So do it right and it Choi’s cut down on the pip.

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Thanks for the reply. What are the differences between the carrier oil options?
Which one would you recommend?
Do i need to add any other substances other than a carrier oil to cut the testosterone?

Grape seed oil is your easiest option and the most commonly used by labs. Pharmacies use cotton seed oil often, but that has a certain aroma.

You need a .22mu filter and a sterile vial to mix it in to. PVDF or nylon filter.

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Thanks again. No need for Benzyl Alcohol or Benzyl Benzoate for the cutting?