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Test E 375/week my sort of Log


dont know man, its rare that i got this maybe some nasal infection dunno. i can still manage. forget another sides is chest redness its due to higher RBC right i know…


yesterday, strength was back like wtf amazing.
the usual 20 reps can do 18, 8 reps can do at least 6. 80%energy!
chest tricep neck workout
20m cardio
took half aromasin

today had my shot on left glute. got puffy nips at night. guess the injection was not deep or something.
just took a rest day off today.
still can manage the small sides.

tomorow back bicep shrugs then shoulder legs, then injection on right delt next. and so on. will update if somethings new. gonna be boring just doin same things


ok so nothing had changed, still working out.
got my blood test results yesterday
e2 is normal range, but its weird im having sensitive puffy nips some days, guess its normal.
test is 22.18 (2,218) its high for a low concentration?
ulric acid, glucose, sgpt got in above range
still no sex drive, libido might still be almost none.


booger blood gone, just green booger, mucus like. dont know whats its called.
strength still almost same,
all is good.
puffy nipples again, started taking nolvadex yesterday,
slight puffy nipples now.
workout same, thats it…


sex drive increase since like day 3 and it is many times of natural level

but still don’t have that strength increase yet

it has been like 19 days now


could take a while, maybe 30 days.
sucks my sex drive did not increase, libido no increase


ok still working out 6days a week
gotten a little weak since last week, 20 reps can only do 12 reps.
got nose inflammation, oh boy its painful.
tried ventrogluteal injection but looks like its a wrong spot, bloods came out, and the feeling is like i passed through a nerve. oh well, pain is just average.