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Test E 375/week my sort of Log


bro…i must have knick or pass thru veins or something.
on my thigh, right and left got blood come out. not much just a drop.
vastus lateralis, my legs got so many green veins and varicose veins


where do you inject bro?
must have passed thru veins.
glutes the best spot, i didnt feel anything nor i think it didnt bleed.

my normal sleep is 6hours. upon waking up its hard for me to sleep. AAS had small effect on my sleep. today i slept around 1am, woke up around 5. tried to sleep again took long, 7-8am. then got sleepy 7pm, wokeup around 8pm.

water i just drink when im thirsty. for the diet,
wokeup, oatmeal 2pcs banana a little cocoa powder
after workout 2cups uncook rice, 2leg quarter chicken
snack just a small bowl of peanuts
dinner mix food, 1 whole cabbage, 2carrots, garlic, turmeric, 1corn, vegetable protein, 3 big bokchoy, handful of mung bean sprout, 1 pc banana, around 300grm pork shoulder 300g chicken breast. cook all together and wham
it was already late i cooked so i ate all that in one sitting.
i dont enjoy eating when im counting calories and lazy.
but one of these days ill count my calories heheh. :smile:


ok today,
10mg nolvadex

shoulder legs workout
shoulder is my weakness but it feels good working out my shoulder.
did more reps than usual. but still couldnt surpass my lift from last week. except for the D.B. shoulder press. tried added 5lbs more and i could lift it. but just 4 reps.

breast not sensitive.
but nipples got bigger at night.and still pointing out like its so hard
and oh wokeup again on 8am got my boner(at last) didnt feel anything after that

thats it for today. xxx gonna go watch some adult film


This is not good. There is a lot of views on how much water we should drink when training and cycling. My opinion is a MINIMUM of a gallon a day


Try ventrogluteal. Very low risk of nicking a vein. Or slin pin your delts. That’s about as smooth and painless as it gets.


so how much do you recommend bro?
i drank 3liters . gtg thanks


I just said how much I reccomend. I think a gallon is minimum. A lot of people drink more. I tend to drink a gallon to a gallon and half… So that’s between 4-6 liters a day.

Some people think this is overkill. I feel whenever I’m adding supplements eating a lot and training hard my body feels sluggish unless I drink this much


Your diet could use a little tweaking and I’m guessing you might be a little inconsistent with it. Drink more water, 1 gallon minimum per day, get your sleep in order if you can.

Edit: I inject in my shoulders.


whats slin pin? insulin needles?
of ventrogluteal, i tried to see many pictures and some youtube, but aw still cant find out where is the exact location. afraid i might hit the wrong spot


oh sorry i did a quick read and log out… 3 liters is what i usually drink. ok ill try more. i didnt know there was recommended water dosage actually…


ok bro. thats 3.7 liters. i drink 3 liters i think, half of my 6 liters water container consumed everyday.

try glutes, painless and no blood. how many inject have you done? ive done delt, left went smooth but i got dizzy and my back of neck was having pounding pain. right delt got blood came out


after log out, i just notice my balls got shrunk like no fluid in my sac. watching porn almost didnt help, erection took long. next day, balls back to normal. i suddenly got boner in random time of the day so i did it again at night.

ok so yesterday, chest tricep, not much time so i just did 3 sets of all.

today, shoot 180/190MG test E on right tricep. was gonna do lats but dont know wheres the right spot, and when i push my hands on lats could feel my bones or dont know whats it. again felt pain like pass thru nerves, blood came out after pulling. yup it did hit vein, whole arms was like almost cant move for hours. pushing the spot injected could feel extreme pain. lifting could feel pain. took pharma aromasin 12.5MG. then 10MG nolvadex
was busy so i went to workout at night. above full power workout, back bicep shrugs. i gave my all. then did 22mins cardio. later my balls were hurting. below my appendicitis scar was hurting also again and like something is pulling down. in the past i thought it was hernia but negative. it was a bad idea i did not wear my supporter. is it a reason to stop working out? not again, unless the pain is extreme. ill still keep going. (everytime this happens, my right balls hang so low, i dont have an answer on internet of what is it. RIP)

still feeling good today and all powered up. getting a little more angrier sometimes
nipples not so hard but today but still big, and right nips become a bit sensitive again. getting pain feeling in random times.
upon googleing, Nipple-areola-complex = bigger, Tubercula areolae = bit bigger.
then inside my Nipple-areola-complex has grown a dot of Tubercula areolae just noticed now.
thats it for today


Blood comes out for me like every second injection, it’s usually a tiny speck, however in the quad I’ve had blood spurt out granted I pin with 19-23 gauge needles depending on how fussed I am.

That being said I have a fairly high pain tolerance and PIP doesn’t bother me, not even with TNE (pharmacy grade test is the only test I’ve ever had a serious adverse reaction to from a tricep shot)


I’ve done probably a thousand injections. Delt are just the easiest for me


glutes bro. tried it? delt wew worst for me. but soon i might try it again


ok so the other day, did shoulder and legs. all is good.
nipple sensitivity has rise especially at night, took 10mg nolva

yesterday my right tricep and arms are sore, so i just took a rest.
took my half UGL aromasin and its effective, few hours not much sensitive nips.

today, woke up with no nipple sensitivity. 5 hours +sleep
did chest tricep 3 sets only, cause out of time but i did my max. also didnt finish my tricep cause it is still sore. fell asleep on afternoon 1hour+
so im still not sure but after dinner my nipple sensitivity has arouse again, might be from the vegetable protein which contain soy, dont know yet.
gonna take my next shot which is left tricep, 180/190MG,
already bitchin out thinkin of the needle. never gonna do tricep again, its the worst pain i had so far, 3rd day and still got soreness from the tricep injection spot to the ankle.
then gonna take 10mg nolva after.
thats it for today.

then tomorow i gonna take the UGL aromasin half tablet, then gonna do back and bicep. full power. might do cardio too if got time


ok so nothing new. shoulder legs on the following day,

rest the next day and took aromasin half tablet

yesterday, did my 9th shot on glute 180+MG. Chest tricep workout. tried to check my calories, i ate 500gram of bacon in lunch time. didnt know ive been eating over 1k+ calories sometimes. with suck macro.
tricep extreme pain (PIP), looking more balloon.

today, back bicep as usual, 15mins cardio. trying to count calories again.
so… its been 1 month already and sex drive still dead.
more set and reps, never felt tired or weak on workout.
thats it? i expect it to be more. i just went ssj2 on day 13, and no more? i expect to have at least increase weight/power every week.

anyone experience the same with me?


ok so it continue, didnt have rest. next day shoulder legs.
other day did chest tricep neck,
the usual shot at night, left delt . first time it was smooth on delt, a drop of blood and nothing more. not even feeling pain today.

yesterday back bicep shrug

today shoulder legs.
well today was unusual, because: i felt so weak at the gym. cant do more reps and sets. didnt even complete my legs workout. and didnt take my aromasin today which is EOD
so im gonna list the sides now,


ok so…
again i already had autoimmune symptoms before i started my first cycle.
(still wondering might be the oats, milk or peanut butter which triggers it or the workout)
i had more hair loss, but just few days,
followed by numb hands, luckily its just few days too. (in the past it lasts up to a month+)
wokeup suddenly at night then with sweat
yesterday i was in the sun, so hot that my skin had rash. (happens when in autoimmune)
and bout goin to the doctor, would be wasting money. almost all doctor ive gone, check my lab test, found nothing. one doctor is even funnier told me to go to psychiatrist instead. funny one

more sides have appeared after day 30++, but its minimal.
here are the sides i got on cycle: (starting 30days+ on)
green booger with a little blood
got me sneezing sometimes
dry skin besides nose
oily skin made which gave me red spots on face
3 small bruises appeared out of nowhere on left leg (yesterday) (well anyway when i was teen, random bruise spot appeared on my body)
urine got yellow (my usual color is light yellow)
sudden super mild lymph node or nerve pain on legs when standing/walking/lifting/etc.

thats it. and today i dont know whats the cause of feeling very weak at the gym. maybe overtrain or dunno. diets all good and clean and already started tracking calories just these few days. sleep is 6hrs+ 1hr nap sometimes
i could do 20 reps now just 12
4 to 6 sets now just 3 set

gains: around 7lbs.
trainin: at least 6 days a week
2 body part per day not countin the shrug or cardio or abs

i will stop cycle if i have gotten something severe.
will still update soon. even if no one have answer.


Im about 99.99999% sure this is not a side effect of testosterone bro