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Test E 375/week my sort of Log


woke up with pain in the heart
strength/energy back to 100%

nipples become sensitive again and a little bigger again than normal
strength = normal
energy = 120%, i was shock i could do more reps than normal


ok so yesterday, felt so weak but when im on gym i did complete my workout not weak.
more energy, i even surpass my pullover for chest, problem is below my appendicitis hurt, guess ill stop it again
breast sensitivity has lessen. took 0.25 arimidex


today morning, right thigh, it bled after pulling out pin, took around 180-190 mg test e, ill make it even split per week. its 250mg amp by the way so its hard to store it might get infected. took aromasin 12.5mg after.
workout, can do more reps,16-20 first reps instead of 12, then 4 sets instead of 3.
did back bicep abs.
question is, did the test power kick in already?
still amazed. sleep is not good just 4 hours, but wow i did not even felt sleepy.
stomach still bloated, looks like im pregnant
at night, got PIP
then breast started to get sensitive again.
i might start to take nolva ed for 1 or 2 weeks maybe


Testosterone and other anabolic steroids upregulate beta adrenergic receptors, beta 1 receptors are the ones found in the heart, thus the sudden increase in testosterone may have caused an exaggerated increase in HR, there’s no definitive answer, how people react to these compounds is entirely individual (and consequently what makes them dangerous)… Well that and the ridiculous doses people use these days. Good on you for doing 375mg/wk, smart to start with lowerish doses (although personally I’d have started with 250-300mg which everyone says isn’t enough but whatever)

If you have cardiac chest pain go to a doctor, don’t fuck around with that shit. I at some point had a fast HR at times and upon standing, I got checked out to find I didn’t actually have any kind of cardiac abnormality or arrythmia (besides supraventricular tachycardia every now and then). I had sympathetic nervous system dysfunction.

Anabolic steroids can decrease activity of the parasympathetic nervous system (likely related to androgenicity) and increase sympathetic tone thus increasing HR.


Bro you are a fucking mess. I rarely would suggest someone bail mid cycle and start pct. But I think you need to seriously consider this option. I don’t think you are mentally and maybe even physically prepared to run gear


thankss for the input.
i think the problem was that i already had a high blood pressure not noticeable before i started, but it raised more on start of test. right now, BP almost normal.
wow thanks man… usually what ive read is on almost everywhere, you gonna shutdown anyway why not do it more.
anyway, in this small dose i already had already nips sensitivity. no acne or hair loss yet, hopefully not. might increase it to 500 on halfway or maybe if i did another cycle.

about the heart pain, its rarely appearing like once in a while and dont last long. hope youre fine on your health. i get sick too once in a while on working out then stop work out and i get fine. actually i have autoimmune symptoms every few months with continuous workout then they disappear but all test are negative.

best not to do steroid abuse


bro i think im doing fine right now? just some minor shit happening, not lethal


ok so yesterday, didnt do workout. got busy
slept more like i was tired.
poof nipple sensitivity almost disappeared. like 10% sensitivity left
oh and i had diarrhea few hours after taking it and just lasted a while, dont know if its the nolva that cause it.

today, slept 5 hours and never felt sleepy
workout was good, more reps and set again
weird thing is i never felt horny since start of cycle
10-10 nolvadex, nipple sensitivity vanished after then second 10mg nolva. but when i look at my nipple its still hard and a little bigger.
these few days im feeling good, a little emotional sometimes, then a little angrier than usual but all is good and under control.

anyone here also experience this? no horny but got strength and energy increase


Your experience seems to fall in line with studies that concluded libido does increase with increasing T levels when starting from low, but plateaus quite soon, and no further increase from there.


i might increase my test to 500 mg in halfway. not sure. still afraid if more sides will come out. or maybe next cycle if i am going for another


ok so here is my log for yesterday,
slept 5 hours only
feeling week and tired. but again on gym i could finish my program.
done chest and tricep.
at night took a shot of test e around 180-190MG again, left thigh. bled more. painful after a day which is today.
took aromasin half MG.
20mg nolva.
no nipple sensitivity anymore

i got 6hours sleep. my normal sleep is 6. i think if its less than 6 im feelin weak.
i felt like i was so energetic in powerful on gym
back bicep abs. felt super human, never felt tired, did max reps.
halfway of my lifting, my mind was on something else. i was doin bicep db curl on auto pilot mode then later i look at the time 30minutes had pass and i never felt tired after my last bicep db curl. best workout day ever.
nolvadex 20mg
little nipple sensitivity on pm. took nolva and solved it.


everythings going well.
except for my diet lazy to count macro. i just do estimation.
my stomach fat could be from too much carbs also.
after recovering from my sickness, i incorporated lots of vegetables everyday.

my wrist pain miraculously healed also.
heres a sidestory of it. (its ok no ones gonna read it, boring and long. its just like ill make it my future diary/log)
every few months i get sick. dont know maybe because i used to always overtrain.
around 4 months ago, autoimmune symptoms hit me again.
i kept lifting still, until my left wrist in pain (got it from db curl), didnt stop me, next is left swole foot pain(from squat), few weeks later my balls started to hurt again(from squat). thats the time i stopped doin squat again and lessen my workout. call me obssess in lifting but its my hobby and i love it. my workout days have lessen, last month i just did 1x workout per week wholebody. other symptoms got healed. except for my left wrist pain which disabled me to do biceps for months.
i was amaze of TEST E, which miraculously healed my left wrist pain (pain left: around 5 to 10%, in just 1 week after TEST E).
did went to doctors, lab tests found nothing.
you would have given up if you have these:
appendicitis scar (from childhood)
scoliosis, varicocele (discovered after a year of lifting, got lean)
recurrent autoimmune symptoms (negative lab tests)
dont no drink dont got smoke dont do drugs
i have a sedentary life.
guess thats it, a little about me.

hope everythings go well.
ill be happy in the end of cycle if i could keep 15lbs or more. :slight_smile:


Glad your feeling better. Altho test isn’t a healing drug. It’s not gonna heal wrist pains. I think you should consider speaking to a therapist while on cycle they could probably help you solve a lot of the things going wrong without having to keep adding more or higher doses of other drugs


You really should not be bleeding from these injections. I’ve been on TRT for almost two years now and I can count on one hand how many times actual blood has come out of an injection site.


What does it mean if you bleed from injection site?


I think it means you might have passed through a vein or something? I usually have a little bit of blood come out for 95% of my injections. Never really thought about it to be honest.


I forgot to add, I’ve been skimming through your posts and noticed that you are not getting much sleep every night. Try regularly getting 8 hours if possible, you’ll most likely feel a lot better. How’s your water intake? How’s your diet going?


Not sure if your post is directed at me? But if it is I’d be glad to answer



Actually I meant the topic creator blue


well dunno its weird man. i was disabled to lift bicep of my left wrist pain. last month i even tried it i just lift the lightest d.bell. but it was painful. but now i can lift it with no problem. just a little pain.