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Test-E 300mg week


Hey all..Anyone ever run 300mg of test a week? results?

1-12 test E 300mg..pinned 150 on mon,thurs

For pct: 120/90/60/60 Torem and a natty booster!


jesus christ.

use the damn search function.


Create more stupid threads to piss BONEZ off :slight_smile:


I knew a retarded guy who ran such a cycle. At the end of 12 weeks he had gained a couple pounds and he was still retarded. Hope that helps.


What a perfect response. You are a legend.


In all seriousness, what is the point of this post?

And why the exclamation point after 'booster'?

Are you asking for advice because it appears you already ran the cycle. Do you want to tell us your results? Is that what you're looking for?


Perhaps he just had some confusion when writing for future tense.
You meant to say "pinning 150 on mon,thurs" as opposed to "pinned 150 on mon,thurs", right OP?


Wellllllllll 'pinning' is the present progressive tense. Meaning he is doing the injection as he was typing. :wink:

yes Im bored.


Well I am on week 4 of test cyp @ 400 per week but just one shot each week. I have been seeing some pretty decent strength gains and some noticeable improvements in muscle definition.