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Test E 300mg First Cycle, Any Tips?

Hi I’m 26 years old I have been training for 7years and in about 1 month I’m about to take my first cycle.
I’m taking 300mg of Test E for 14-16 weeks e3d with HCG 500iu split in 2 per week.
I’m taking nolva for pct 2 weeks after last inject.

There has been different opinions as far as how much nolva I should be taking, I’m still not sure but it’s leaning towards 20mg per week for 4 weeks.

Also I will check my blood, test and estrogen levels before taking the cycle and also during and after the cycle.

What should I change or maybe keep in mind?
Is there anything I should tweak?
Would appreciate any tips, thanks!

You meant to say 20mg per day, correct?

My mistake! Yes exactly

14-16 weeks is probably too long.
Nolva immediately after your last injection is also questionable.
Usually, a waiting period of 4-5 half-lives is recommended, with maybe the use of an AI only, before starting a SERM.

That sounds like a good first cycle as I’m sure if you’ve been training correctly you are fairly close to your maximum genetic limit. Have you considered upping the dose to 500mg e5d so you can pin less? Sure your blood levels will be a bit more stable, but it’s more enjoyable to not have to pin as frequently on your first one or two cycles. For your PCT, you could always try to wait 2-3 weeks like you said you would and start out at 60mg for 10 days, then 40mg for 10 days, and finish off with 20mg for the last ten days or so. It might be a bit overkill for a beginner cycle, but you will feel better/recover faster this way. I use Nolva this way every time and I feel amazing throughout the entire PCT. As for the HCG, that all preference based so I would say that is fine to use during and after, just it can be a bit costly. That’s all I got for you; even if you don’t change anything, the cycle looks great man. Looks like you’ve put in your time and research for sure. I really like that you’re only planning on doing test first which means you’ll gain more in the long run for sure. Good luck!