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Test E 300mg, Each Pin Hurts


New to the roids, I’m taking 700mg a week of testosterone. Two shots per week Monday and Friday, why the fuck has every goddamn shot been so soar or am I just a puss. It’s week 3 I’ve done 5 shots and they’ve all hurt like hell afterwards. Especially the quad holy fuck I can barely walk, buddy said to do squats and roll it out with a foam roll thing. Goddamn I didn’t even get to the squats before I bitched out and just started upper body again. Any one have any tips or suggestions, yes I’ve cleaned every time, I’ve tried a 23g 1 1/2 and a 25g 1 and they both cause pain and soar ness after wards. What the fuck am I doing wrong.


I refuse to pin my quads because it’s absolutely crippling for me. Sure plenty of guys can do it without any issue. We’re all a little different. Here’s what I would suggest, in no particular order:

-go more slowly, if you’re not already; if you are then ignore this
-try pinning ventrogluteal
-get some insulin needles and pin subcutaneous

My first few weeks on trt were not pleasant because I hated needles and the pain was new and wildly unpleasant. But I got used to it pretty quickly and I found what worked for me. You will too. It’s a little trial and error, honestly. The problem is the “error” part usually means “oh f**k that hurts”.


I usually try to count to 15 while injecting, I think I’m just a big puss I’m gonna grab some 25g needles instead. I’ve done glutes 4 times and they’ve sucked ass too, my friend was like roll it out and do squats but FUCK. I didn’t make it to the squats.
Would injecting into two different muscles help? I’ve been curious if the problem is if I’m putting to much liquid into one muscle.


It’s more likely your gear than it is the needle size you are using. Try warming the syringe of oil in a cup of warm/hot water for a couple minutes prior to injecting - this helps thin the oil, and I think the smaller temp differential (compared to room temp vs body temp) may help as well. Also, make sure you relax the target muscle as much as possible, I’ve gotten some soreness in the past from tensing during the injection.

Your test e is 300mg/ml? 250mg is more common, but that extra 50mg shouldn’t make much difference.


Yeah it’s 300mg, I’ll try warming it in some water, now how warm are we talking faucet hot or fucking boiling water. Personally I’m not a fan of 23g shits a wee bit too big for me I like the 25g 1inch I like the quads because it’s such an easy place to inject compared to glutes. Should I split the dosage up into half’s and put it in different muscles?


I wouldn’t split the dosage just because that means four sites a week instead of two. I can’t use 25g with my pharma test because it requires me to really push that plunger down, with makes my grip less stable, which leads to more pain ultimately. But pharma is usually made with cottonseed oil—which is fairly thick—whereas ugl stuff is mostly GSO. I’ve never heated mine up, but a lot of guys have said that it works. I wouldn’t get it too hot, because then you’d be injecting yourself with something that has a higher temperature than your body. That sounds very painful. So probably keep it under 95°? That’s just a guess. Good luck my friend. It’ll get easier, I promise.


Thats 95F for reference mr Bacon, please dont be injecting at 95 C.

I only add because I get the impression you are in the UK? Though you use the word faucet which throws me off.


So there is such a thing as virgin muscle. When I started running Test 300 I got sore for days too. It goes away. I did all the things suggested in this thread…warming, massaging, etc.

If you want to warm it, microwave a few ounces of water in a juice glass or something short that you can reach into. Don’t submerge the vial, just up to the neck or so. It may float a little too.Let it sit there for a few minutes, then draw and pin. Massage for a minute or so afterwards.

If you have somebody who can pin your glutes that is optimal. My wife pins me. When she is not around, I pin in my upper quad way up near my hip. No pain and minimal bleeding.


Haha US man I’m just new to this shit so I’ve been trying to get as much tips from old timers as possible, I definitely have Virgin muscles lol. Don’t split up then, I’ll try heating it up, I get my shit from global so it’s pretty damn thick, 25g is hard to squeeze out by damn the pin goes in so smooth.
Thanks for the tips gang I’ll post again Saturday and let everyone know how much of a bitch I am.


Any test over 250mg/ml will probably use ethyl oelate to get that amount to properly dissolve.
EO causes problems just like you are experiencing. Not everyone reacts negatively to it. But it is extremely painful, esp in the quads.
My friend you will need to get some more test, 250mg/ml max, and make sure it has no EO in it. Sometimes UGLabs will put it in even when not necessary, so check with your supplier.


And what’s EO?


It was in his reply: EO = ethyl oleate (first sentence)


Me asking was asking for a description, mainly because everywhere else I go to online is fucking nonsense and or I don’t understand it.
Hints to why I asked again


EO is a solvent used to put the steroid powder or crystals into solution or suspension.


As someone else said, concentration is a little high — can bite.

Buy some sterile grape seed oil. Alpha Labs on eBay has some good stuff. Draw equal ratio of the oil in the syringe before drawing test. This has eliminated all pain of high-concentration gear for me.


Pain that occurs at the time of injection can be caused by high BA levels. Pain that occurs later could be dirty gear but most likely high concentration of hormone dissolving more slowly than the oil it is suspended in. This causes the hormone to crystallize in the muscle and cause pain. Cutting with sterile grape seed oil resolves the problem nicely. I just buy oil from the grocery store and filter it through a .2 micron filter.


Try your delts. Easy to pin, and won’t hurt anywhere near as bad as pinning your quads. Stick with 23g pins.


I actually use 27g with my 250ml test. It takes some to load the syringe but it’s a lot better than harpooning my quads with 23g, ouch!


I do believe my glutes have gotten used to it, I haven’t had near the pain the past week.
I’ve been massaging the area and showering after I also started hearing the syringe of test up and haven’t had any problems!! Thanks for all the help guys!!!


I suggest using 2 separate 23 gauge 1 1/2 inch syringes. The only place I will inject is the outer portion of my relaxed quad. I once attempted to use the same syringe that I withdrew the medicine to administer into my quad, and it was my lesson learned. Those vial toppers are much thicker, obviously, than human skin tissue and they just dull the tip causing it hardly an edge; its simethong that I would never wish on anyone. Also, I found that as long as I pulled up on the syringe slightly, to aspirate, made it clear that veins were not in play. Other than that, the glute is a place where I’ve seen someone foolishly rush an injection only to hit 1 of the major nerves in the legs. It was months of unrelenting nerve pain. But, as long as you draw with a new needle, then replace the top with a newly inserted needle, in addition to OCD your way with pre handwashing, and alcohol wipes to vial before and after, with of course multiple wipes to the injection site, after that it’s either the gauge- anything larger than a 23 gauge is unnecessary- or it’s the fact that products are proven to be smooth or the opposite