Test E 300mg, Build Muscle and Lose Unproportionate Fat

Hi guys

Im new to this site so please dont bash me if I have posted incorrectly or whatever. Now my problem is my body is out of proportion body fat wise, I have a big ass and hips and belly fat but im relatively normal sized everywhere else, I am currently doing a test e 500mg cycle (first time), how can i loose this mentioned weight whilst still building nice gains? Im 27, 5’7 and weigh 11stone. Im a seriously fussy eater, so diet is difficult to pin down. I have been looking at cutting carbs to a minimum, is this possible to do whilst still building muscle or ill advised?

How many lbs is 11stone? How long have you researched what you’re taking? How long have you been working out?

You will need an AI or you might end up with big tits to go along with the ass and hips you mentioned = )

You may already be prone to high E2 given your fat distribution, taking test alone isn’t going to help matters at all. Have you had E2 tested?

I feel that you can build muscle on low carbs, especially since you have introduced an artificial boost with the gear. Others will disagree and say higher carb intake is necessary.

The use of an AI can’t be stressed enough given your goals. Truth be told I would have done 200mg test with an AI and maybe thrown in something that won’t aromatize


Thanks for the information brother, I forgot to mention I have added armidex in at 0.5 eod. I want to sort of correct the image of myself that i may have portrayed, my fat distribution has always hit these areas more than others but that will be mostly down to genetics as I understand it. In my eyes this out of proportion bf is probably exaggerated due to my distorted view. It really just needs a trim, always had a fat ass, and im not talking massive, just slightly larger than average. Im one of the body types that put weight on easy! And the extra weight is down to a rubbish diet previously, which I have since amended! Getting results with shifting it but albeit slowly!

I must say after speaking to various people It does seem possible to build whilst cutting carbs to a minimum, so I am with you on that one and am glad to hear your view matches what I have read! So do you reckon I should just lower my carbs and go from there, slow but steady results?

Yeah the degree of bodyfat is mostly related to food intake, but the distribution patterns signal possible E2 issues. I have pretty shitty BF distribution which is why I prefer to stay leanish. Doing almost any amount of test without an AI isn’t an option (for me).

You will need to experiment with carbs to see how well you tolerate them. Dave Palumbo gets his guys shredded to the bone and works on this basic formula:

Protein 1-1.5g per lb body weight
Fat .5-.75g
Carbs are variable from zero up to whatever you can get away with…

Personally I cut carbs altogether because I feel much better that way - I don’t get cravings and can be more lax with meal timing ; )

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wheres your cardio at? maybe some running/eliptical work will help increase blood flow to those areas… burn more fat… theres an article that discusses mixing 20 minutes of hiit with 10 minutes of cardio after, the two different styles move and burn fat differently so mixing them in that portion is supposed to obliterate fat according to the article. if you plan out the hiit portion rights it doesn’t interfere with your strength training you could defiantly do both.

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Cardio and diet…


You’re fat in some areas, and the rest is normal. THAT is the level of development you achieved before deciding steroids are the solution?

Good luck buddy. No advice to be given here.

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154 lbs, I have researched vigorously over the last year or two and have been working out around a year and a half

Your attitude is shit, good luck with that also buddy

And I never once mentioned that I was taking the test as a solution?

Thank you friend for the advice, I have recently started doing a little bit of HIIT along with some treadmill sessions 3 times a week, but I am a little weary of doing too much cardio. Guess its just a see where im at in a few weeks situation and assess again :slight_smile:

Just been reading up about E2 and symptoms of high/low levels and it could possibly be a good shout on that front! But again I was also reading food intake can spike Estro (the wrong sinful foods lol) which I have been partial too until recently!

I am going to adjust my diet and assess in a few weeks! Thanks for the info man!

Post pics of yourself. You’re 154lbs and taking test… You’re likely just skinnyfat and have not trained consistently, eaten consistently etc.

Hate to be a dick but you need honesty. There is 0 reason to be taking stuff if that info is correct.

I’m doing just fine, lol. I’m a competitive strongman, a small business owner making 6 figures a year, and I have a wonderful family.

I don’t have a shitty attitude. I’m just blunt. You started using steroids when you shouldn’t have. There is nothing any of us can do to help you with your situation, other than advising you to not use steroids, which is advice you’re not likely to take.