Test E 300

On the bottle it says “pure test E”. To me that is the first red flag. That doesnt look like something that a lab would put out. I have a few more concers on weather it is real or not. First, the fluid is a light tan in color. It has been a while since I have done this but I thought it was suppose to be clear. Second, there is a exp date but no “lot” no on the bottle. Third, it has been four days since it has been administered and now it looks like I have a huge bruise on my upper ass. Is it oil build up because it is fake?

This has never happen before. Thank you for any help.

  1. That color is fine especially since its from a UGL just a matter of what kind of oil was used.
  2. Alot if not most home brews or small UGLs do not put a lot # many don’t even put a expiration date
  3. Even real pharm grade can leave a welt. That could be from many things from the concentration of the gear, BA Content, or poor injection.

All you can do really is run it for 3 or 4 weeks and see how you feel maybe get blood work done to confirm.