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Test E 300?

I have heard mixed reviews, the buddy i was getting my shit from gave me this bottle of test E. Just wondering if anyone has tried it.

I took 2cc in my right quad on Tuesday, definitely had injection pain when i did squats, could feel it.

I figured my suspension was fake, i have only been off the sustanon amps for 2 weeks, and they say sustanon isnt out of your system until 3, so hopefully the test E will be working sooner than 4 weeks :(.

What do you guys think?

If its legit you’ll know soon enough. Pic is awfully blurry

it will take 3-4 weeks for you to notice. Just pin as if it were real at a small/ modest dose for its due time and see. it is the right size vial and the cap looks legit, and it appears the oil is yellowish from the bottom of the vial. my one cent, leave it on the ground or pick it up.