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Test E 2x Week Or Every 3rd Day?


is ther e a difference? my guess is every 3rd day for more stable blood levels? what do you guys think?



Prevent as much hormone level fluctuation, not blood levels.


that's what i meant, but by you saying that wouldn't it make more sense to do every 3 days rather than every 3rd and 7th day?


With Enanthate I personally go for every 3rd day - guess some people like to keep it simple and take on the same day each week but I think 4 days is just a little too long when wanting to maximize a stable peak..


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Yeah, I see where e3d would be better.


I personally have tried both, and haven't realyl noticed much of a difference between the 2. I'm currently on a cycle with test E every mon and thurs....works just fine for me


I have always done it 2X a week but I'm thinking this next cycle I'm going to try the E3D thing. Of course we'll mix some EQ in as well:)