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Test E 2nd Cycle

Hi, im 29 6’0 195LBS 5% bf

this will be my 2nd cycle like i said first one was when i was younger around 17 i know i was stupid i think i was lucky tho no sides when i came off the stuff it was dbol 5mg a day for 12 weeks no PCT :frowning: but no gyno lucky :slight_smile:

this cycle will be

testosterone enanthate 500mg week for 12 weeks
armidex start week 10 when istart to taper off and keep that going for 16weeks
proviron 0.25mg at week 10 when i start to taper off and stay on it for 13 weeks

this is your first. LMAO @ 5mg/day d-bol. and what are you wanting by telling us your cycle. opinions? or is this what you will be doing regardless.

if u give me new ideas ill go with the

the… what?

Anyway sparky… i’ll have a pop.

Ignoring the first “cycle” - which was not a cycle at all but more a supplementation routine that will have produced little to no results…

500mg test for 12 weeks. Well, no-one here will argue with that little number, how could we as the testosterone poster children?

What are you going to use for estrogen management during cycle? Seems to me you have nothing planned? Or dont you need to control estrogen as the 5mg a day of dianaballs didnt give you “gyno”? Hmm… a re-think may be in order.

Why are you only going to use the proviron at half the recommended dose and only once the cycle is virtually over? you’d be much much better running it from as early as possible - although you seem to only have 1 bottle of 20 tablets, which is enough for 10 days at regular doses! lololol!

Save up, get more ancillaries and plan a PCT properly… You have used your “during” ancillaries to fashion a PCT of sorts that you seem to have made up - (0.25mg adex while not using test is too high) although i can see the logic i will admit to you.

What say you

im so confused

not a good sign… whats confusing you