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Test E 250mg/wk is G2G?

I’ve been researching this for the last 3 hours on many sites. I think I’ve read the majority of them.

It seems like every person that says they’re too little has never done a test only 250mg / week cycle.

Every person that did one says they’re great, especially for a 1st cycle and sometimes for 2nd, 3rd, etc.

Does anyone have experience running a test E only cycle at 250mg / week? Or know of anyone that has run one?

If so, what were your / their results?


It is a high TRT dose. I cruise on 250, and still make gains, but not much better than 100% natural. Maybe a very slight improvement in recovery time and libido. I notice a bigger improvement in recovery when I use BCAAs and glutamine before, during and after training as opposed to when I don’t than I see from 250mg of test.

You will not likely get anybody on this board telling you to do a dosage that low. The reason is simple–250 mg is barely above a HRT dose of test. That means you are only getting a small benefit for a high risk (shutting down your HPTA). The risk reward benefit is terrible. You don’t have to have run a cycle at that dose to see this obvious fact.

That is why nobody here recommends anything lower than a 500 mg/week cycle.

The only exception to this would maybe be for a cutting cycle in which you took 250-300 mg/week or so to help stave off catabolism with the restricted calories.