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Test E 250mg/Week - Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Advice?

Hi all,

Long time lurker, new poster (to a degree). No previous recent steroid cycles (though i ran two when i was 17 / 18, but thats a different story and I have an old topic about that silly decision somewhere). Currently running 0.7ml test-enanthate 250 every 5 days (planned 12 week cycle, first pin 21/04/2020) and took my 2nd shot yesterday. Within a day or two of my first pin (IM glute) I was getting panic attacks (which i’ve never had in my life before), massive anxiety and heart palpitations. I also now get ringing in my ears and just generally feel like crap most of the time and light headed. Started with arimidex 3 days ago @ 0.25MG ED which has got rid of the heart palpitations and some of the anxiety, though it’s still there as well as the ringing in my ears and feeling like crap.

Planning to drop the Arimidex to 0.25MG EOD as of tomorrow as I don’t want to risk crashing E2.

Blood work is pretty much impossible here also, some places can do some but the price is really high and they can’t test E2 amongst other things.Injection sites are still sore from both pins (i alternate between left and right glutes) but there is no obvious swelling or skin discolouration. Acne / seborrheic dermatitis flarred up today -which I’ve had on and off since I last ran gear @18, so presumably hormone related.

1 - Could all this feeling terrible be from high E2? I didn’t think you could aromatase test-e into E that fast from what I’ve been reading - though admittedly I’m not the expert. Keep in mind I’ve been using 0.25mg ED Arimidex for 3 days now, which seems to have helped but something still feels wrong.
2 - Could this be a carrier oil allergy? Not much info on their website or product about what they use.
3 - Perhaps my body doesn’t like Test Enanthate? I’ve run two steroid cycles when I was much younger of Sus & Decca and didn’t have any of these issues I’m having now, it just made me feel great and was a completely different experience.

32 years old
190 lbs (ish, last time i weighed myself a bit back)
BF around 12%
Lifting 10 years
Nutrition on point.

Question 4:
The way I see it i have 4 options, curious as to more experienced users opinions on which way to go:
1: stop now and PCT. I have HCG and Nolva ready
2 - Continue & try a different brand of Test Enanthate in the hope that it was either a carrier oil allergy or bunk product.
3 - Continue & try a different kind of test,such as testosterone cypionate in case my body is rejecting the enanthate.
4 - Continue with existing Test Enan and see if things improve over the next week or two.

Riding around on my motorbike today and feeling light headed and like crap, starting to question wether this is worth it or not, totally different experience to when i ran gear years ago. This is an under the radar cycle hence the comparatively low dosage compared to most blasts. Happy to provide any other info needed for a clearer picture.

Prior to your cycle did you have any underlying anxious thoughts about your upcoming cycle?

Thanks for the reply, not aware of any previous anxiety no. It’s almost like my body’s rejecting the Test-E and is in shock. That is assuming what i actually have is Test-E…

FYI I made the decision to try a different brand of Test-E. Today is injection day but I’m trying to hold off to see if the new gear arrives today, if not I’ll pin tonight with existing brand, both are UGL as options are limited here. The logic behind this change is to try to rule out the possibility of bad gear, however I’m hoping that by switching brands I don’t throw my body into shock again with a slightly different substance (though both are supposed to be Test-E so in theory should be fine).

Ringing in the ears is still here, as is anxiety but the anxiety is less now. Could be due to the half life of the ester (5 days since my last pin, which was the 2nd pin) or my body adjusting to the changes. Managed to fight off any panic attacks, just sometimes feel a little dizzy and light headed. Training at the gym seems fine, it’s after when anxiety kicks in or when trying to sleep.

Blood pressure:
22/04/2020 12:01 (Mid day) - 119/79 - Pulse 81
29/04/2020 13:36 - 119/68 - Pulse 83

Listen… I’m just a dude on a forum so take this for what its worth, First of all your body doesn’t know the difference between the test you produce naturally and what you inject so the Idea that your body is rejecting it doesn’t add up.
Is there any other life stressors happening right now ? stuff your not dealing with and pushing to the back of your mind? it can sometimes be tricky to identify the source of anxiety but that’s the first place I’d start.
Secondly… your injecting large doses of a hormone into your body so we all run the risk of adverse effects when we do this, maybe lower the dose?
Thirdly your overdosing on the arimidex , this is guaranteed to make you feel shit. You could drop down to a trt dose for a few weeks while you worked on your mental health if you’ve still no improvement drop the cycle, now is not the time to be messing with your body’s chemistry as your already struggling.