Test E 250mg/Tren E 150mg Cycle

Looking for feedback on cycle that I’m currently a week and half into.
Week: 1-10
Test E 125mg twice a week
Tren E 75mg twice a week
Arimidex .5 twice a week (only if needed since such a low test dose)
Vitamin b6 200-400mg a day (To reduce prolactin with tren)
Week: 12-16 NEED ADVICE
Just ordered some nolva, but I have Toremifine also.
Open to recommendations…

That’s a super low dose for both test and tren. Some people cruise of your test dose. I doubt you need the arimidex with that; but everyone is different.

What do you need advice on? PCT?

You really should keep the adex locked up for this cycle. You need e2. E2 is neuroprotective, tren is neurotoxic. If you’re going to abuse your brain then do what you can to mitigate the damage.

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I understand, it’s a low dose… Only problem is every cycle I’ve done has gave me estrogen sides making my nips itchy and sore. Even happened on my first oral only cycle years ago (yes I know pointless lol). I haven’t started ai yet as I’m not 2 weeks into the cycle because these are long esters. I’ll take y’all’s advice and hold up on the ai.

Also this is a premixed oil so I can’t bump the test up without the tren too.

Buy some more test only and add it to your cycle if you want to bump just the test. Although you could double the dose of your current premix, 500 test & 300 tren, and be good.

Everyone is different, but to me itchy nips isn’t enough to warrant an AI; maybe a SERM like Nolvadex might be more appropriate.