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Test E 250mg Side Effects After Injection


This is my first post and im looking for some helpful advice !

I ve been training for 17 years and have done at least one cycle a year for the last 7 years always injectables and as you can imagine have tried different stacks always had blood work and taken the appropriate PCT so please dont shoot me down for asking a lame question !

so my question is :-

Recently after injecting Testosterone Enanthate 250mg ( the source is sound and i have tried different labs) within an hour of injecting i have felt anxious and what feels like a faster harder heart beat but on checking my HRT and blood pressure its all normal, so i had my first jab saturday 250mg but still have this very faint feeling of a harder faster heart beat but like i said before my vitals are all fine .. ( yes i have done a clean jab and aspiration )

Has anyone else excperienced any simalar side effects ? i welcome all comments be nice :slightly_smiling:


FYI This would be better posted on the Steroid board. This board is about TRT not what you're using it for. You will probably be better served there IMO.


It most likely due to contamination of the contents of the gear


Problem with the base oil or the T could now be soy derived and not yam derived, causing problems for some who have a soy sensitivity. And there is always the possibility that you have changed, not the gear.

Does the gear sting more? Too much BA?

Perhaps the problem is transient.