Test E 250, First Time Questions

So new to all this and First time Test user, don’t know why I can’t find a definitive answer online but can someone tell me if I’m doing doing this right? I’m 40 years old, eat well, 6ft/175 looking to cut up and need help feeling better overall (energy). Not a gym rat but go 3x a week and focus on muscle groups. So I’m doing 1 cc/ml (full needles worth) of Test 250 2x a week. Plan on doing this for 8 weeks. Does this sound right? Thanks. Appreciate the response

how well are you eating? 175 at 6ft is really light, maybe you don’t eat enough and therein lies the cause of you not having much energy. what is your current training regime looking like?

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Spend the money on extra food bro. You dead light

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'and I don’t think AAS are a good idea for someone who doesn’t even consider themselves a gym rat. At any rate, your general dosing is pretty typical for a first cycle although 8 weeks is slightly short in duration but will yield results. Did you plan for the possibility of needing an AI, or combating potential gyno, and lastly hopefully for a PCT?


Not looking to swell up, 5-11/6ft 180 works for me. But thanks

Thanks dude

You’re funny

Ha. I eat. Good metabolism and work on my feet all day/constantly on the move. Eat 4-5x a day/every 3-4hrs. Steak, Chicken, fish with sweet potatoes, healthy fruits and vegetables. Not looking to get huge.

Is this a joke?

what is your goal if you dont want to get huge? just to feel better? then you wouldnt need a cycle and more to get your doc to prescribe you TRT.

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Thanks for actually giving advice and not being a douche.

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Don’t understand why there’s such a snob factor on some of these forums. Are you just trying to impress people? Some people actually want to help and answer someone’s question and some people just want to be tools

Can you be more specific? Is this a 3 cc syringe? If so, you’re taking 6 cc’s (equal to 6 mL) per week which equals 250mg x 6 = 1500 mg of test/week which is a shitload, especially for a beginner.

Again thanks.

The answer to your question is that you don’t need steroids when your goal is to gain five pounds.

If you’re 6 feet, 175 pounds, and not already pretty lean, it means you’re lacking basic muscle. An 8-week cycle won’t fix that because there’s an underlying problem with your diet and training.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?


1ml syringe 2x a week.

I gave you the proper answers in my original post but you didn’t respond.

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11 AM three egg and asparagus burrito
1pm shake with 10 ounces milk three bananas 4 tablespoons of peanut butter
5 PM 10 ounce salmon, sweet potato, sautéed spinach
9pm another ShAle
1130pm Bowl of cereal

Yeah dude , I appreciate that. Wasn’t referring to you mate.

I know but what I’m doing is trying to help. You didn’t answer the questions. If you are moving forward against the advice of pretty much all of us then you should be prepared to answer those questions. If not, get the answers now and prepare yourself.